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  1. Guys, I just want to say a huuuuge thanx to each and everyone who made this album possible. Because this album is incredibly wonderful! I had been listening to it for weeks back in 2013 and still I listen to to Sonic Augmentation from time to time. Yeah, all these years I love Deus Ex. I love its OST. And I absolutely love this album of yours. //Especially Syren Synapse, Ma Cherie Nicolette, Distortion HQ and The God Machine. But the rest of tracklist are sure great too! Thank you and God bless you guys for tons and lots of joy you give us (well, me for sure :))
  2. Hey guys, a billion thanx for this fantastic album! GunStar Heroes is my favorite game on Sega, and its OST is one of the best (of the best of the best =)) OSTs I ever heard. So I just can't tell how much I have waited for this album - and how much I am glad that I can finally load it to my player and listenlistenlisten! ^^ Well, honestly, not everything sounds like I thought and suppose it to. The music itself is splendid, however sometimes seems (to me, of course) to not match original game spirit completely. But it's only my vision and only my associations, and you have yours, and express it in your tracks, and it is magnificent! =) //Plus, maybe (very likely) it is just a "duck syndrome" and I need to get used to album - with every listening I am getting involved deeper. So I need to listen to it for several times. And once we are talking about tracks, I want to pick out some extra tracks for me: - all Dusk's tracks (well, they're metal and heavy and AGGRESSIVE! - just like Gun Star Heroes ) - CJthemusicdude's 'Lighning Chaser' (despite some lack of rush, this electronic theme is still gunstar-style =)) - Phonetic Hero's Proggy Roadboy (however I liked the trailer version more) - Mikeaudio's 'Pursued by the Subordinate of Ignorant Sin' (break-beat and rock guitars - it's my weakness =)) - The Coop's 'Attitude for Continues' (almost original, just like it) - Eino Keskitalo's 'Square Zero' (also quite original theme, kind of "rock cover" =)) - upd. 09/10/13 1:11 PM (third listening, as I said ) - - metaphist's 'Guns to the Stars' (soft and brighty space theme) - Jakesnke17's 'Lunar Ecstasy' (one more excellent space theme) - Flexstyles' 'Irresolution' (pushing, uplifting, energetic electronic) - rebrained's 'Tri-Formation' (WOW, GunStar-dubstep!) - Ivan Hakštok's 'No Time to Rest' (juicy rrrocking!) - Darkmoocher's 'Nice Legs' (SUDDENLY - beautiful jazz (lounge?) theme - what a nice surprise =)) - Tuberz McGee's 'See Ya Space Cowboy' (good-old-blues-style theme - perfect track and perfect ending for album) This list doesn't mean, that other tracks are worse - they really are very cool in their own way, but these are especially remarkable for me. //And I dare to hope to hear DJ Mokram's version of 'Final Assault' somewhen And, of course, nothing in my words could not and _does not_ cancel the fact, that album is really great - on the whole, this delightful variety of genres with futuristic and space tunes mathes the original OST as well as possible. So thank you guys and God bless you all for that huge (and undoubtedly hard) job you've done to present us this wonderful gift! //and sorry for my limp English and for long talking =)
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