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  1. Hey everyone, so this is an intro theme I composed for a medieval fantasy style game that's currently in development. The game's plot is currently going through some changes that may render this music inappropriate for the game's subject matter so I wanted to share this in case it never sees the light of day otherwise. I tried to keep the dynamics intact so you may have to turn up your speakers a bit more than usual. Anyhow, enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/jeffmatthews/legend-of-avalonia-intro-theme-upcoming-release
  2. This is "Driving," it's a composition I wrote a couple of years ago and hadn't shared with many people. The music is largely just a result of experimenting with variations on an arpeggio I'd stumbled upon. I wanted to create a mood that would suite someone driving through a mountainous area alone at night. https://soundcloud.com/jeffmatthews/driving
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