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  1. I'm doing a rock ReMix of "Bloody Tears" from Castlevania and I truly hate the way my VST guitar sounds. I can send the midi information via PM if desired but be warned, it's a rough solo.
  2. Cutting the obvious out of this: Yes, I agree with everyone else, try a different intro approach. I agree here, instead of a short sharp snare, I think a more drawn out snare would fit this mix more. It feels to me you went for a more "dreamy" or "spacey" ReMix. Because of this I believe it really is lacking something great. I think the lead from 3:35 could be implemented into something with the chord progression, maybe some sort of angelic-like plucking. I personally like chill tracks like this, but I do agree with you that something is missing. Agreed, I think that this would b
  3. I look forward to hearing some of your feedback again! I love Tyrian! It was my first video game I played (I think I was 5 or something) but I barely remember it. But I do remember when they re-released it for the gameboy advanced and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it .
  4. Caution: It's Dubstep. I know people have various views/thoughts on Dubstep, so please if it's not your thing, tell me what you think of the mastering, not so much the composition, thanks! This is a ReMix I'm considering re-doing however I wanted to see what the people of OCR thought of it first. I've come for feedback once before and I was not disappointed with the constructive criticism I received.
  5. Thanks! It's the only attitude to have when you're in any sort of art form. It only makes sense!
  6. Lol after the comment that showed me how I should submit, I submitted it. Oh that's fine, I enjoy any and all constructive criticism as long as it's detailed and unbias, though this is the first time posting in this community so it's hard to get a "feeling" for what the norm is around here.
  7. Right, right, I already know the snares are kinda bad (too much mid range), but this work is about a year old. My friend wanted me to submit it as-is because he believes it's good enough. If I would've known all this was going to happen I would've added one of my more new snares. ._.
  8. The EQ could use some work (snare mostly), I am with you on that, but I made this before I really knew anything about it. I was much younger when I made the base project for this. I am afraid I don't know what you mean by "the source" during the "wobbles". I'm also afraid I don't know what you mean by "the sub bass is reasonably OK" it's a basic sine and with the genre, that's the most preferred kind of bass. Though filling empty space, I don't know what else I would do with the lower end of my track looking back on it; that frequency wouldn't be used for much else. As for the strings, th
  9. Thanks a lot for the link and the ETA.
  10. Does pgood stand for something on these forums or was that just a type-o? How would I go about submitting it to be officially an OC remix? Coming from you I am very flattered!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwz7bt1muXc This is a dubstep remix of Lavender Town I made a while ago. I'm unsure how this community views Dubstep, but I hope that it's still welcomed. A friend of mine said that the remix was "OCR worthy" though I don't share the same feelings but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to see what the community thinks of it. I have a small history with OC Remix, but I used to have a bunch of OC Remix MGS tracks on my PSP that I used to listen to all the time. It was good stuff ! If I've broken any rules by posting this (anything I might've said), please le
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