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  1. I'm doing a rock ReMix of "Bloody Tears" from Castlevania and I truly hate the way my VST guitar sounds. I can send the midi information via PM if desired but be warned, it's a rough solo.
  2. Cutting the obvious out of this: Yes, I agree with everyone else, try a different intro approach. I agree here, instead of a short sharp snare, I think a more drawn out snare would fit this mix more. It feels to me you went for a more "dreamy" or "spacey" ReMix. Because of this I believe it really is lacking something great. I think the lead from 3:35 could be implemented into something with the chord progression, maybe some sort of angelic-like plucking. I personally like chill tracks like this, but I do agree with you that something is missing. Agreed, I think that this would be a fantastic area to experiment with some arping and what not. Overall if the drums were EQ'd a little bit more, maybe EQ the kick a little more sub heavy, unsure though. (Sorry for riding your review to give mine, I've decided to become more active in the community and I want to get the general idea of what a "good review" is besides constructive criticism.)
  3. I look forward to hearing some of your feedback again! I love Tyrian! It was my first video game I played (I think I was 5 or something) but I barely remember it. But I do remember when they re-released it for the gameboy advanced and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it .
  4. Caution: It's Dubstep. I know people have various views/thoughts on Dubstep, so please if it's not your thing, tell me what you think of the mastering, not so much the composition, thanks! This is a ReMix I'm considering re-doing however I wanted to see what the people of OCR thought of it first. I've come for feedback once before and I was not disappointed with the constructive criticism I received.
  5. Thanks! It's the only attitude to have when you're in any sort of art form. It only makes sense!
  6. Lol after the comment that showed me how I should submit, I submitted it. Oh that's fine, I enjoy any and all constructive criticism as long as it's detailed and unbias, though this is the first time posting in this community so it's hard to get a "feeling" for what the norm is around here.
  7. Right, right, I already know the snares are kinda bad (too much mid range), but this work is about a year old. My friend wanted me to submit it as-is because he believes it's good enough. If I would've known all this was going to happen I would've added one of my more new snares. ._.
  8. The EQ could use some work (snare mostly), I am with you on that, but I made this before I really knew anything about it. I was much younger when I made the base project for this. I am afraid I don't know what you mean by "the source" during the "wobbles". I'm also afraid I don't know what you mean by "the sub bass is reasonably OK" it's a basic sine and with the genre, that's the most preferred kind of bass. Though filling empty space, I don't know what else I would do with the lower end of my track looking back on it; that frequency wouldn't be used for much else. As for the strings, this isn't an orchestration piece, I used the sounds based on how nice and how well they would flow with the track, it's dubstep after all. Though for being "unrealistic" they come from Session Strings so I'm afraid I might not know what you mean by that either. Try to go into more detail with your constructive criticism please, because I am very confused .
  9. Thanks a lot for the link and the ETA.
  10. Does pgood stand for something on these forums or was that just a type-o? How would I go about submitting it to be officially an OC remix? Coming from you I am very flattered!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwz7bt1muXc This is a dubstep remix of Lavender Town I made a while ago. I'm unsure how this community views Dubstep, but I hope that it's still welcomed. A friend of mine said that the remix was "OCR worthy" though I don't share the same feelings but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to see what the community thinks of it. I have a small history with OC Remix, but I used to have a bunch of OC Remix MGS tracks on my PSP that I used to listen to all the time. It was good stuff ! If I've broken any rules by posting this (anything I might've said), please let me know!
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