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  1. I always try and write a good story, hopefully good music too, and so far I feel like this might be the most plot driven ( if that's possible for a song) one Ive made yet and my only hope is no one feel asleep while listening.
  2. Really? Its gonna have to be me? I mean Ive been fairly quite as of late but I cant let this comment section sit so barren. This is 190 proof distilled 80's served with a twist of Castlevania...I mean the samples? the Game Samples?! Used as perfectly as they can be used?! And those tom fills are brutally 80's ( feeling a strong Far Cry Blood Dragon vibe here).... in fact this track is more 80's than several years actually from the 80's ( looking at you 1980 and 1981) but for real I really don't know what else to say, a game from the 80's remixed in perfect 80's emulated style...not sure if I can say emulated cause it feels fairly authentic, but as Im fairly sure its 2017 Im just gonna have to enjoy it for what it is 2 things I love Castlevania and High energy Sythnwave
  3. I see you there nn19, I do enjoy 2 things in this world Reason and Castlevania...This track fulfills both.
  4. I respond to the response of my response, but that was not my response...this is my response ------> Thank You
  5. Bump...? No MP + MM6 Fans? You make me sad...so be it.
  6. Very good atmosphere here, more good stuff than bad so Its easier if I just name the stuff I wasn't grooving to....In descending order from most noticable 1) 2:09 the gating just really pulls me out...I know what your trying to do and it should work, but Ive never been able to pull it off successfully, maybe something... faster? less sinewave-ish? 2) 0:27 the toy-box/ kalimba pluck, is really dry...maybe soak it in reverb for 20min then hang dry? 3) The kick jumps in towards the end which sounds nice, but with all the glitching going on it remains fairly static, maybe a few fills? Odder-den-dat, I like it the samples, they were used tastefully and clearly and this represents a nice project to be fleshed out
  7. Ok so the MAG-planets are nearly aligned allowing me to attend, but before I purchase my single badge are there any group spots open ( so I as might save a few dollars)? PM me with the amount required and we'll go from there. Thank You for the help!
  8. My library did this and I helped with procuring some of the games! From seeing it unfold over about 2 years, make sure people know that the library has games...I know right, but so many titles just sit on the shelf and never go out simply because people don't know they're there assuming a library just wouldn't have video games. XboxOne games don't really move that much, the 3DS titles are usually what I see out most, Ps4 tends to hang around, less than XboxOne, but still its amazing that people pay to rent games at a Redbox. Also check the policy of your library some make it so you have to get from a special catalog, which can limit your options. We also did a Retro-Duo rent out with vintage SNES and NES titles and it actually worked. My suggestion would be to get the 2-3 NES-HD ( if you can find one) and rent that out, people really like the idea of plug and play, lot of adults casually see the retro-games and say " Hey I remember that/those game! And I can check it out for 1-2 weeks?! Sure add it to the basket!" I would say if you wants circulation points ( how our library determines whether to continue buying new games) you could play it safe and so with multi-copies of popular games, boring and you can end up with 5 copies of COD BO2 in 2017 that nobody really checks out anymore, or get the more unique titles and try and pry open a few minds to a less traveled genre or game.
  9. Not gonna get my MAG-hopes too high, but if anyone has a spot on their hotel room floor where I could roll out a sleeping bag, send me the details of what Id need to do, going again this year would be most awesome!
  10. h're ye h're ye. . . . ev'ryone hark, ive madeth a new mega-man remix and its a remix of knight sir. i v'ry much enjoyeth mm6 and i just did want to professeth mine own loveth f'r monty python and the holy grail, from king auth'r's inability to counteth to killeth'r rabbits i am a pythonist and as a side noteth is th're anyone who doesn't liketh monty python? not judging i'm just curious. i must now but anon depart, as i am quite infected with bubonic-plague and needeth to receiveth some leeches on me and p'rhaps a nice bleeding hasten mine own recov'ry fare thee well fellow travelers https://www.dropbox.com/s/pm2c80nvrc3i9pt/Python Man.mp3?dl=0
  11. I wasn't going to say anything...so many Wips just kind of pass by and are never heard again...yet this one sticks out and I remember it, 2 week on. So, Its just a video recording and the sound isn't that great and there are pauses in it and tubas don't really lend themselves to solo covers and a few fumblings over the notes....but yet here I am, typing a comments, wheres as most times I just move on and forget. I think I know why, you've got a narrow genre on your hands, tuba covers of video game music and I say run with it. Find a structure to the Cover you're trying to make and go with it, now I'm not saying that Tuba-step is not a genre I'd like to hear, but with the Tube I feel like there are 3 choices; Orchestral, Marching Band and Polka ....look.... those of us lucky enough to be exposed to polka know it gets hate, but its a fun genre of music and this site is about networking as much as its about video game and music, so maybe link up with some people give this site a Beer Barrel Polka style remix.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/33qblk6f9g3ptfn/lavendar 3.wav?dl=0 Lavender Town is really built on that repeating intro IMO and I fiddled with trying to cut out parts but it just made it feel less Lavender Town, more Lilac Town... if you will, but I split up some of the repetition, juuuuussssttttt enough to maybe reduce the cyclic nature of the more identifiable source tune, yet retain original elements. I like how much more glitchy its become, adding that personalized touch to an oft re-imagined source.
  13. Im still working on working on Beach Bowl Galaxy, should I post a WIP? actually here it is anyway...https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B80H6SsEW90wVXhyMktDNUVmODA edit: before you youngsters had your Iphones and what not, we had to take our radios to the beach...if you were wondering why there's a radio theme
  14. Is anyone doing a group registration, and has an open spot? Im still building my MAGplans, but I dont want to get my MAGhopes up
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