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  1. I hardly post on remix reviews because, well, to tell the truth I dont know much, at all, about remixing and such, so I honestly dont feel like i'm one to judge. And just to also point out ahead of time, Marc Star I have some of your other remixes and I really like them. But i'm gonna have to agree with some here and say that at points it does seem somewhat like this is out of an unnamed SNES game, which, technically, even on some levels isnt such a bad thing. I think that alot of SNES games out there had EXCELLENT music. So dont take that as a put down. However, here's the part that I noticed
  2. I really dig this track, I downloaded it earlier in the morning (I guess about a day ago now) and only got to listen to it a few times, but now that i'm up again and doing the music/chill thing I've checked it out a few more times. Of course, like everyone else, I really like the clocks, ALOT! They are very well done, and 6 different samples, none the less! By the time the the intro is done with, I dont know where my brain is. I think actually my favorite part which (i dont beleive has) has yet to be mentioned, is a couple parts where you can hear the Epoch dissapear through time. It's always
  3. so.... man, this is totally awesome... since i downloaded like... 2 weeks ago, i've been all over this track, just... i have it stuck in my head at work, at school, everywhere.. i find myself in the middle of listening to something, and going "Fu@K this! I'm listening to that BADA$$ track ABOUT ROBO!" Not to mention he is THE coolest character in CT, and I would pick him over Glenn any day. Totally awesome.
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