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  1. Hello everyone. Not long ago I had the misfortune of having my laptop and all my backup HDs stolen. So, in order to try and rebuild my VGReMix archive, I revisited all the different communities, and it seems like ThaSauce has been down for some time.. with no revival in sight. Does anyone know anything about this? I've looked around for an archive site, like the one that exists for the old VGMix site (presented by ThaSauce, ironically) but I haven't found anything. It's a damn shame, because there were some killer tunes on there. Some of you guys might have remixes posted there as well,
  2. uh, this might be a little late and all, but i recently had my computer and all my hard drives nicked when i was staying in a hostel in australia. i'm trying to recover some of the stuff i lost, and it seems like in the few months between it getting stolen and me buying a new one, everything has disappeared off the face of the internet so, like.. neither of the links to Duck Hunt albums contain any songs does anyone still have them? cheers
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