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  1. The Silent Hill comic has been out for months. Don't bother with it. It's a horrible, horrible series that treats the franchise like a crappy gore flick.
  2. Will these remixes include the original boss tunes from Sonic 3 or only those from Sonic & Knuckles?
  3. Danke. Just figured this thread shouldn't die.
  4. Various Silent Hill wallpapers made by a bloke I know from other forums. Also, music videos (Be sure to Right-click, Save as, otherwise Angelfire will disable them): Restless Dreams Inner Fears Sweet Sugar Walter BONUS! Ambient music that works for Silent Hill-esque scenarios by a guy named Walking 0. P.S. Bump.
  5. Anyone here read the SIlent Hill: Dying Inside comics? I've just finished reading them myself. The artwork, done by Ben Templesmith, who did 30 Days of Night, works well for the Silent Hill universe, in my opinion. I wouldn't say it's a bad comic book adaptation, but it isn't fully accurate, and it all feels rushed near the end. It's also very "comic-book" too, as it features substantial amounts of gunplay. One of it's major flaws though is it's lack of subtlety, something which made the games great, as well as truly introspective humanity. It also becomes kind of campy once the whole gothic p
  6. The Douglas joke was a dissapointment. It could have introduced a huge moral quandry into the game and even the series. But no, it had to be a joke.
  7. The E3 trailer for Silent Hill 4 is available on http://www.gametrailers.com/, among other juicy titles. Just thought I'd point that out.
  8. On the suicidal stripper theory and coming back from the dead: I'm taking the easy way out on this one, but it could be all considered a matter of perspective. Remember the holes James jumps through? Who's too say the fall wouldn't kill him (And I still like reffering to that Silent Hill ending. Hell would truly be not realising that you're dead already. Think about how big a mind-fuck it would be to wake up one day, faced by indescribable monstrosities when in fact you died the night before)? Essentially, the town is one huge mind fuck. We never actually see Maria getting stabbed by Pyramid
  9. Hehe.... http://www.whatthefun.net/sh/ph.html http://www.geocities.com/kramwartap/konami_artwork.html http://www.saintbrendan.com/cdnjune01/sclem6.html http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Pyramid+Head
  10. And he could have butterfly attacks! And he could rape crush you! I compensate for the lack of PH by using Nightmare with the Giant Buster (I think it's the name. Looks like a rusty, flat, rectangular blade).
  11. Wasn't it hinted at some stage that Eddie was being chased by the police, which is why he left his own town and hid in Silent Hill? I need to see that final Eddie/James dialogue again... (Pyramid Head should have been in the PS2 version of Soul Calibur 2, damn it!)
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