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  1. Quoting myself from almost two years ago: Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart—the 53rd OCReMix album—was released today, and it is the only OCReMix album that has been close to rivaling Relics of the Chozo in my opinion. We celebrate Relics of the Chozo's 12th anniversary in three days, and I still listen to it from time-to-time. I especially remember playing StarCraft: Brood War with this album playing in the background during LAN parties at my friends house. That was back when I didn't have a laptop so I brought my tower, keyboard, mouse and CRT monitor! How times have changed! And yet, Relics of the Chozo—an emotional and ethereal journey across Zebes—is still the best OCReMix album ever made!
  2. Wow! This is the best OCReMix Album I've heard since Relics of the Chozo!
  3. The track metadata needs to be updated to show that this is a remix of 'Fanfare' as well.
  4. I liked this song so much that I created a looped OGG version for FF7Music—a mod that let's you change the music in the PC version of FFVII. When the song started playing in game, I thought I had made a mistake because, at first, it sounded just like the original... and then the guitar dropped in and I literally got goosebumps. I especially love how you integrated all of the nuances of the song, especially the stuttering helicopter type sound that is iconic of this track. And you managed to do it without straying very far from the source material. This is the third looping track I've made tonight, along with Final Ecstasy (OCR00063) and Every Story Begins with a Name (OCR01841). I'm planning on doing the whole game to make an awesome remixed soundtrack—playable in-game—in honor of the FFVII Remake announcement. If anyone wants a copy of my tracks, just let me know.
  5. Still by far the best OCReMix album ever made. I can't believe it's been over ten years. I still remember when this came out. All these artists should get together again and work on a Metroid Prime album or something.
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