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  1. Oh ok, thanks haha... gotta fix the panning too for those violins! Thanks for the input and responses back guys it's super helpful. It's nice to have multiple ears catch things. Random question though, when trying to emulate a realistic string orchestra is it good to pan them in a certain way like how an orchestra is set up in a concert hall, where as Midi orchestration is a lot more flexible? Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions for you guys xD;
  2. Oh my gosh... lol I need to remix this sucker... uuuuggghhh. So fail. Welp, time to remix and remaster from square 1 huehue... Sorry, not the most professional
  3. I would definitely do what the following have said. It is not only important to input the notes but to actually automate them to where you are somewhat forcing them to sound realistic. And not only is it important to automate the instruments themselves but to automate the space and effects along with the music to give the piece more of a shape. Maybe your Violin patch needs expression and modulation for more dynamics? Need to change to staccato with MIDI data, use key switching! Got a Flute patch, let's add breath automation data to give it more of a realistic sound... etc. I'm not an expert, although I am currently in the process of absorbing mixing and automation techniques, however we will forever be students so don't limit your knowledge and say that you are complete! There is so much to learn even for the experts out there, so for a random word of encouragement, don't give up and keep experiencing new ways to input your knowledge to learn more along the way! Also, don't be afraid to play around and Practice these skills... it's not only a matter of what you know but application is a must.
  4. First off, thank you for the comments. For this piece I was intending to make more of a MIDI orchestration piece rather than a live orchestra. The reason for this would be due to having overdub string parts that I included, which are typically used for recordings most of the time (although I'm sure having separation within parts is a little more common now a days). But, I do want to get better at live orchestration over time, but for this piece specifically I wasn't looking to make it sound like a live orchestration. A live orchestra would not constantly have ostinatos, unless if it was written for a trailer of some kind (which is what I was going for), however maybe it IS a little too repetitive? I'm just not sure how other people think about the build and if it layers on to itself too much. Hopefully I'm making sense xD
  5. Just an orchestral track I comprised of recently. Looking to hear some feedback and critic! ^^ I haven't written too many orchestral pieces and I would hope to improve my skills over time! Thanks guys https://soundcloud.com/danthoni-wooten/final-justice
  6. Thank you so much for the feedback, I'll definitely consider it when I'm cleaning the mix up... ^^
  7. Hey everyone, please let me know what you think about my original song called Sky Ocean? Please comment and let me know what you think! ^^
  8. Hey everyone, please listen to the Lavender Town remix I worked on. Comment and feedback would be greatly appreciated ^^
  9. Oh wow great job on creating this!! It's very well polished, awesome job man
  10. Ok, so I just want to know from other people how they find their sound effects, find them, create them? I'm really curious because I always have problems coming up with the right sound effects to give the music a little more depth and meaning. Sometimes the smallest things like that make a difference! Thank you ~
  11. I remade the theme for Mary from a game called Ib. It's a computer game developed with RPG maker. Please let me know what you think and enjoy
  12. This sounds great!! It fits the title and the purpose of the song. The melody line is great and memorable. I think there could be a little bit of re-mixing sound level wise... the harp was kind of like "It's escalating!!" but the dynamics of the rest of the instruments didn't do that. But overall I love this
  13. Cheers to my first post~ Here is a song that I composed called "Don't Give Up". Please comment, I want to improve and get better