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  1. Thanks! Nice to meet you. :)

  2. Right on man! Thanks for the locking of horns and all of the advice
  3. NO WAY. That's absolutely my bad She sounds so good.
  4. The work you've done with your music is amazing. I absolutely respect that man!

  5. You sure you recognize what a metaphor means? I can truly assure you, this isn't any old MIDI from VGMusic. If anything, this comes straight from the mind of Kinuyo Yamashita, the original composer of Mega Man X3 (albeit enhanced/remixed from SPC). If I were him myself, I'd be wicked honored to have us two dudes enthusiastically conversing about his compositions created nearly twenty years ago to this date. Don't you think?
  6. This isn't a MIDI rip, it's an SPC recompitisiton. I didn't even know I could submit this to Congress, man! Thanks dude.
  7. Thanks for the feedback poopy took you long enough! So, what do you think about the remix man, any suggestions to the overall composition?
  8. https://soundcloud.com/fightyard/mega-man-x3-intro-stage-remix Hey guys, let me know what you think! I'm in the process of looking for some better drum sounds, and weaning myself off of the stock FPC kit.
  9. You caught me! FPC and BooBass. Can you recommend any other good plugins that don't come right out of the box and sound like an 70s porno flick? I completely agree on the drums, they're just way out there with clearly too much going on at once. That's what I was initially trying to go for, just basing off the stuff I drum out with my hands on my desk or steering wheel all day long. Working on the velocity of the notes is definitely an area that needs to be addressed. Thanks for your advice, man!
  10. https://soundcloud.com/fightyard/mega-man-x2-opening-theme Quickie abbreviated version of the Mega Man X2 opening stage theme. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!
  11. Dude, I really enjoy the MMX2 opening stage one you did! The buildup in the beginning is perfect.
  12. http://youtu.be/m3CrECTeK-E Here's a new version. Go Patriots.
  13. Hey guys! Long time reader/listener, first time poster. I've been working on this little piece for the past few hours, let me know what you think so far, feedback and criticism! https://soundcloud.com/fightyard/mega-man-x-opening-stage
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