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  1. @Slimy Oh my gosh! Thank you for showing interest in this! I hope you've been able to work on it some. I'll look for a midi for this to help.
  2. This has to be one of my all time favorite soundtracks when I played through Final Fantasy II on my Dawn of Souls copy. The song popped up occasionally throughout the game for optional bosses like monster-in-a-box type situations. Once I unlocked the music player, I would listen to it in the background while I did other things. The second half of the theme as it goes to repeat is the most emotional, dramatic part of the soundtrack. I'm calling for someone, anyone, with a talent for more orchestral arrangements to give this wonderful, lesser known track the attention it deserves. Here's a youtu
  3. I really love the arrangements on Wind and have been looking forward to the release of the next discs in the set. Which is why I'm deeply saddened to see all this time pass without even an update on the album. For the sake of all your fans Darkesword, can we at least get an update on the album's progress?
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