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  1. Before i go on, i just to get it out in the clear that I’m bias against rap. So taking this to heart wouldn't be the wisest of ideas. With that said... This just goes to prove that the same sounding repeated melody of rap can be applied to anything. Listen to the climax an fall off of the lyrical melodies, not the words; just listen to the sounds of the words. It’s the same sounding flow through out the entire song. Fairly any change up or complexity. While i understand this is an easy going song and doesn’t need to be shredded up, you don't want to give a 'Muzac' quality of repeated tonal range to your audience. Not to mention the lyrics are that of a comparatively emo/rock group just complaining. (again, I’m being bias and unfair in my views, so don't take it to heart.) no one cares, and your not the only who has hard times. While lyrics are usually a thing of praise and encouraged here because its cool to see people taking the initiative to take the extra creative step to come up with them, these lyrics have nothing to help support the game or have any relevance to it at all. Its the equivalent of hearing another rapper talk in a melodic way leaving the song to pick up the slack. Also, since rap is primarily a genera that focuses on lyrics rather than instruments, you have double the norm weight to bear impressive lyrics. What an insult to SONIC Team. Please, rap is fine and all and your instrumental background music was quite impressive and nice to listen to, but (I at least) feel that this is uncommonly out of place at OCRemix. I think it's great that your expressing yourself, and this was a fine song to do it to, but please... why would i want to come here expecting to listen to well done remixed music of videogames only to hear a self centered run of the mill sounding rap song? As far as your work on compositing the song, i must show my appreciation in your over all quality sound. Also as much as i don't care to hear it, rap is a reasonably underrepresented genera of music here and its good to see more variety coming into the fray. I use the word, variety liberally though. You defiantly have the potential to create better. But these are just the rantings of a metal head. Separate the good from the bad and you'll do just fine.