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  1. I've recently been involved with a project to hack Zelda: A Link to the Past using a recently-developed co-processor called the MSU-1, which enables the streaming of full, CD-quality audio tracks. You can see a demo video of this hack . The code portion is basically finished, but the end result is only as good as the actual tracks used as replacement. Some of the other people working on this hack have settled on using tracks from the Zelda ReOrchestrated project, but personally, I'm not a big fan of those tracks for this purpose. They just don't feel right in-game, and it's kind of dist
  2. Ok, so I took the time to back up and refactor my code into something actually maintainable, and now I feel a lot better about the prospects of this project. I haven't tackled the async network calls again yet, so no loading by ID or metadata lookup yet, but I have basic playlist functionality working, and most of the bugs squashed, so I guess it's time to write some more... code, that is, not bugs (though I'm sure I'll write plenty of those too )
  3. The various pages on this site seem to be quite inconsistent in their handling of trailing forward slashes in the URL. It seems to be consistent for each section of the site, but the sections are inconsistent with each other. For instance, forgetting the slash on a remix page results in a 404 error, but artist profile pages result in a 404 when it's PRESENT. Also, some sections support redirection if all you know is the id of the target, and not the name, such as http://ocremix.org/game/1 (works with or without the slash at the end...), whereas other sections don't redirect but just load th
  4. Ok, it's becoming very clear to me that the design paradigms I'm used to working in are quite different from the Android ecosystem, so it's time to put a full stop to this rabbit hole I'm diving into and actually take the time to understand the design models and then start over. The proof-of-concept work will definitely be helpful, but to use that as my starting point would be to put the cart before the horse, as it were. The design phase matters, folks
  5. All of the async network calls for data retrieval are starting to make my head spin, but thankfully, once I manage to figure out a template for populating my data structures with all of the async calls, pretty much all of the browse and search functions should be pretty well boilerplated...
  6. The RainWave app just needs to add a MediaPlayer background service rather than relying on an external app to act as a service listener. It's not hard, I got it working in a few hours. Just get ahold of the RW devs and point them here: http://www.glowingpigs.com/index.php/extras
  7. Finally managed to dig into the UI documentation and put together something that actually looks like a real app Now I need to clean up the mess that resulted from mashing 3 unrelated code demos together and then I can start working on the search and browse functionality.
  8. They should just install the tapatalk API
  9. From what I can tell, the answer to my question about retrieving raw data is probably a no. Is there any chance that such a function could be added to the site, even something as simple as just replicating the current search functions but returning as plain JSON instead. So, say I wanted to search for Chrono games. Right now, I can pull up this link: http://ocremix.org/quicksearch/game/?qs_query=chrono and parse the HTML that I get back, but if there was some way to perform the exact same query and return the data formatted as JSON it would look like: [ { "sys":"ps1", "title
  10. For awhile now, I've been wanting to stream OCR music to my Android phone, and have looked into several ways of doing so, eventually just settling on downloading the library and re-uploading it to my Google Play Music account, but the one thing that doesn't let me do is to browse or search by console/game/original song the way the OCR site does. So, I finally decided to delve into Android development and try to write an app myself. I've never done any Android development before outside of submitting a few patches to a CM7 fork I used to run on my old Droid X, but I've been programming for cl
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