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  1. This. The guy paints nearly all modern game music with the same brush, and also asks if there will ever be a modern soundtrack that that matches up to games like Sonic or Banjo Kazooie. Hundreds upon hundreds of games have come out since then, and if someone cannot find anything that has matched up, then there is definitely a bias involved.
  2. I disagree with the article entirely, and it seems very biased. As great as game music during the 16-bit era has been, I feel that some people can become too stuck in the past. There are still plenty of games with amazing soundtracks, that focus on more than just "bland orchestrated music". And even orchestrated music can be amazing (examples: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, etc). And as for the argument that limitations forced creativity, this is true. However, I feel like most of the time, that statement is used in a way, to say that because limitations forced great music, developers hav
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