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    Nostalgic audio odyssey. This is how I hear the world.
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  1. Here's my version of the tune "Powerful Mario" from Super Mario 64 -- orig. by Koji Kondo https://soundcloud.com/danshepp/wings-to-the-sky Inspired by anxiously waiting for the sun to shine down into the castle lobby and proceeding to gaze into it's power. Hope ya dig!
  2. I have an 80% complete Zelda's Lullaby project - I'd love to contribute to this album.
  3. I'm Dan Shepp and this is my first forum post since the internet began. I've been producing for about 7 years. I just recently discovered OCR. There are a lot of cool cats here and I wanna know how you hear the world - and for you to hear my sound. I mainly produce Electro House mixes using Logic X and Ableton Live. I'm down for collaboration and open to giving and receiving feedback. I'm currently working on a Pokémon remix album and just put out a Super Mario 64 remix. Looking forward to being a part of the community.
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