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  1. I am, I read about 50% of it approximately, will check it over again and finish it probably tomorrow. Did OCR get some kind of certificate when they became an LLC? Saw one of those recently. I've been a stickler for details, some of which might be pretty sensitive, but I'm basically a Meeseeks--once it's solved to satisfaction you'll see me disappear. That more or less was accomplished after much push back and forward, though the way I was demonized by djp is still really embarrassing, especially after all these years. He may be really mad at me but that's par for the course; things seem to
  2. My main one has been on youtube since 2011 Should I comment on the other stuff said...... hmmmmmm...... probably not. Though I do want to point out my stuff is already mastered, so if it saves time, feel free to skip those. Especially since changing it would probably mess them up, and you can't actually affect perceived volume to a noticeable degree without editing it so drastically that it becomes garbage.
  3. I don't remember if I actually said that, did I? Cause if I did that way crosses any line, by no means would I compare OCR or its staff to Crooked Hillary And no I've had this sig for ... a while This also very much satisfies me, and if monetization occurred while these steps were planned to be taken then I should be fine with it too. If anyone's right now saying "I support this" to spite me, maybe my intentions weren't expressed properly, but hopefully nobody's actually doing that.
  4. I'm sorry, i apologize, especially for statements I made based on personal feelings that are probably not true. I DID say it wasn't fair to do that, so I shouldn't have tried to use that as any kind of statement, on previous days.
  5. I think brushing off peoples' opinions and saying they don't matter isn't the right approach.. I'm not saying anyone needs to take all the comments 100% to heart, but these are real comments and real concerns.. I tried not to include ones that were just being mean, and I tried to include ones that were fair, people like @Sagnewshreds who commented on shizz did share and could reshare his thoughts here if he wants and importantly I linked to the THREAD so people could read ALL of the comments, I gave up at some point, there was just too many.
  6. Continuing to scapegoat me is embarrassing for everyone. I decided after the ban that the free ride was over for you guys, if you're going to ban me permanently then you've probably already made up your mind on doing that. You've expertly persuaded people that I'm the problem and the only person outraged by what happened, multiple times mentioned conspiracy theories, accused me of not reading or ignoring answers. Now you're threatening to ban me because of my statements, opinions, or speculation. I do feel that character and personal interactions is valid evidence, and while it may not be FAIR
  7. Scapegoating, confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, we can throw around any number of terms of what our opposition does, but that is not in any way productive
  8. Your bullet points are nice and I did speculate on some things, in this thread, but I don't represent OCR so people have little incentive to believe what I'm saying as being the policy of OCR. They can read the thread for themselves, including your responses. If you want to attack what I've said or scapegoat me, then fine. But you aren't getting out of defending your actions, including going behind everyone's back. And if you claim there's no grounds for bad faith based on what you have done, you're wrong. If you think I've ignored anyone's answers because I continued to talk, you're wro
  9. Is scapegoating in any way necessary I've done my best to try to present the facts as stated and link to this thread so people can see everything for themselves
  10. my sight has gone blurry from typing / reading on the phone for too long. Please don't think I'm dodging re asking the questions but for now I kinda need to until my eyes recover I will just ask the important important one , will or can projects specifically be made void of the monetization plan, unless the entire project opts in to it to begin with. There's way more than enough content monetized even without doing the projects specifically. The peplum is what was done in the past and what people expected vs. the new proposal of ads. Some peoples who signed the consent form for projects
  11. The conversation with artists has to be had, I still feel that an email should be sent out. The mailing list also used to include people who didn't have forum accounts, I don't know if it still does, and many artists do not have forum accounts, so I don't think just posting here flies for everyone whose opinion matters. That's part of why I posted the discussion on fb and mentioned it on theshizz, but beyond that, there's a fair amount of artists I met through YouTube or VK or whatever who have no account here either. To be fair they also wouldn't see the email. Maybe some kind of simple webpa
  12. I was actually referring more to a secret project that is 95% done and that I was going to send in as a surprise, but a lot of the artists are not down with the new policy. In regards to any collab mix posts of course the collaborator gets a say, I wouldn't go behind their back and make a decision that affects their work without asking them. I don't do that kind of thing. About moving projects off site--like I've said I don't feel it is my responsibility to contact everyone currently on for example FF8 and FF3, give them the facts and see if they still support the project. Every single ar
  13. Getting increasingly skeptical and disinterested as questions are danced around instead of answered, while money is still being made off of the videos... No company would get this much leeway and get to sit on their thumb for this many days. If you're monetizing everything and nothing's changing then just say that so I can pull everything down and move my projects off site
  14. Why the monetization of projects needs to be addressed-- I don't have the time or effort to go back and ask every single person I've recruited whether they are cool with ocr monetizing the uploads. Of the 5 or so people I've asked so far on current projects, they've been strongly against it. Basically this would be a death sentence for the projects, so an answer about this needs to be given. If monetization of projects didn't happen then I could still see myself working on projects here but otherwise it probably wouldn't happen.
  15. I think your argument isn't worth wasting the time to debate because it's needlessly close minded, so have a good day
  16. Weird Al is protected by satire/parody laws and moves on out of respect to the original artist, not because he legally has to. Not at all the same
  17. I would like to see the printed albums actually given for free, and not packaged together with a T-Shirt sale.. that always seemed to me like the wrong way to essentially sell the album. The big difference between ads on the site and ads in the music, is that the ads on the site are known to directly support the site and are activated upon visiting the site, they're fully part of the site. The ads on the music or on the page where the music is set to play when you click on the link and activate the music, is completely different in that it's directly involved in the music. Beyond that like I m
  18. They're literally not licensing the music owned by copyright holders. If that's not illegal, I don't know what is. And they've said what OCR has done all along has been illegal according to them, so why nonchalantly stack more illegal offenses on top of that? Either way I'm not interested in any particular user's interpretation of the law. I've asked my questions and I've said what the result of the answers to those questions would be. Being exploited and being dishonest with us, they're also trying to do that to the copyright holders, none of it is right.
  19. I don't have you ignored @zircon and up to now I have been impressed and respected your responses especially when I've gone all in, and while not legally licensing the music is problematic (I might have been able to overlook some of the other issues if this was done legally), the other questions right now are of much higher importance
  20. No answers.....come on. This is important. I can guarantee you that whether my mixes stay on the site or projects continue hinges on the answer to the 2nd question. I refuse to let people who don't respect me profit from my work, illegally I might add.
  21. Will the music that is monetized be licensed, and royalties given to the copyright owners. And will we be able to opt out of monetization with our collective works, including entire albums. Would any amount of response across OCR, Facebook, heck even theshizz, have any impact whatsoever in changing the outcome of this situation. I'm going to bed. Will check this and hopefully countless more answers in the P.M.
  22. According to DJP on Facebook earlier, nobody consented to what is happening because the content policy was designed (in 2007 - important point!) to allow them to weasel any number of things into its meaning due to its vague language, before each money making platform existed. Is my paraphrasing loaded enough? Dunno if it is. You can sweet talk the most reprehensible thing into sounding acceptable with the right language. Not my style.
  23. Is it so much to ask.... seriously, someone answer me, because I know this is going to look like a rhetorical question, but I assure you it's not. Is it SO much to ask that the people in charge approach any decision ethically, and with legality in mind? Was it really worth alienating 80% of people, including those who have left the site or observing from outside? Not telling anyone about it for 2 months and hoping to Money God that they wouldn't notice? All to have a failsafe in case suddenly Y2K happens? Why does OCR cause the stock for snake oil to rise every couple of months? Most
  24. Sell it to Doug Arley or Jake Kaufman for the pittance it'll be worth when Google Ads and Patreon go out of business
  25. Who is an employee, the guy uploading the video, or the guy creating the content of the video? I think a site full of silent videos would be rather drab. But if you think they could monetize that and profit, be my guest.
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