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  1. Hank "The Spank Tank" Jankerson and Long Box of Chocolate! Looking forward to so much more from these guys. Love the music video.
  2. What the heck, I clicked to make a post and it had text from 2013 in here that never got posted. It looked good too. I should have posted that stuff, it's gone now though. Anyway, Sagnew is right. He didn't send me a final WAV of his battle theme though, so he's a dirty, dirty liar! The dirtiest, I'm afraid. I cut 1 song, labeled 3 for potential cut. These folks need to check in, I'll try to contact them as a last resort before making the real cut. Apart from that I was/am serious about cutting stuff and getting stuff moving, even though we're probably looking at 2017 release
  3. What was his pick? Not that anyone "has to remix it", but if someone doesn't use midi it wouldn't hurt. Maybe even just a small cameo
  4. Hi folks If anyone is trying to claim something, please send me an audition of your best work in a PM -- not something quickly thrown together, but something that really demonstrates your potential to deliver a quality finished song! To everyone who posted WIPs, THANK YOU!! Everyone please check out that subforum and share some feedback. I'll get around to that at some point too. Right now I'm overwhelmed with work. Going 7am to 11pm tomorrow, it's not pretty. Very much tired I'll probably make one of those mass PMs to inform people of the next WIP date when I feel a little bett
  5. This isn't dead or cancelled, it's just not going really fast, and that's OK. Albums are 100% dependent on the input of the artists, but in this case I'm not even 100% sure of what we're going to have or what direction it's going to go. It would be great if the involved remixers continue to finish up their stuff, and I can get a better picture of where we are and what we'll have, and begin filling in blanks with new artists and my own mixes as well. For a single disc this shouldn't be too hard. We're not trying to hit some anniversary date as far as I know, so a little extra love an
  6. Did you hear the CHVRCHES theme yet? It was the first song that played when I activated the jukebox in the hideout at the beginning of the game.
  7. I think it goes without saying that this is better than the first game -- it has about as much of a learning curve for the controls, more with combat than movement, which is pretty simple actually. Putting in an upgrade system was a brilliant idea to allow people to learn each new movement move at a time rather than be overwhelmed with a bunch of different button combinations. I like that there's no ability to pick up a gun anymore, and they found a creative way around you surviving when being shot at. The music is fantastic, as is the atmosphere. So far I am seeing this as a massive improveme
  8. This is sweet. Why does everything seem so far away though in the mix? That makes it sound REAAAAAAALLY muddy, and I'm not sure what you did there. The drums are distant and lack impact, the bass is alright and upfront-ish compared to everything else.. does it have reverb on it too? The rhythm guitars are leveled lower to be consistent with the drums / lower than the bass... it's a MESS!! Really cool remix though. It'd be cool to hear a total revamp of the mixing and master. Glad to see you guys working again
  9. Yeah it came together well Not well enough to be in the flood, but well Not bitter or anything. Badass!
  10. I guess you got me there, but that Xenoblade Chronicles song was far from sleepy time music Maybe I shouldn't be saying anything though because (1) it's disruptive here, and (2) people will realize I actually have no talent!
  11. If for whatever reason your mix doesn't get NO'd, OCR would post it but they ain't gonna sell it
  12. I pre-ordered this and the dynamic theme they include is really awesome. It has its own SFX, Music, and the visuals are great and non-intrusive in the menus. Less than a weak left to wait. just a few days... Monday night at midnight is when it'll open for me... Don't know what to expect but I hope it's as good as the first game, or better. Esperado, we could remix the new CHVRCHES theme
  13. I never learned to untis. That's why/how more than half of the OCR demographic doesn't even care about my mixes! 0% untis. Well good luck to people who are able to wake up like normal people and work on normal music
  14. Oh man, does nobody ever pick sleepy time music for this compo?
  15. Is that game Peer to Peer or does it have dedicated servers? (on PC and Console?)
  16. Meh I bought Battleborn for $40 for the digital deluxe edition on Amazon. I think they did that to undercut over watch but it worked. Why sell over watch for $60 on console but $40 on PC? My Jewish friend told me I was an idiot for buying Battleborn and I'd be an idiot for buying over watch at least until it is under $40 on console. Kinda bums me out. Why did they do that?
  17. All your fault. And flattery's gonna get you nowhere
  18. I'm bad lol. You guys are good. Being able to remix timely is important
  19. I didn't really intend to argue about it. This was probably not the right place to bring up the issue of the OCR name becoming a brand over time. It's possible nobody agrees with me because the people who would have are all gone. I think that merits some reflection at least, and that my concern shouldn't really be brushed aside as being paranoid accusation. That seems like a disingenuous response. To clear up what I meant by not being the community; Be honest -- if I made an album, put the OCR logo on it (brought to you by OC ReMix!), and sold it for $20 on iTunes that'd be perfectly
  20. No it wasn't. It was made by probably a handful of people who had an idea of how to profit while using the name, and claiming to be the community. It's not me. I don't want this associated with me. There's hundreds of other people you need clearance from before saying this is the community. But calling people stupid and scaring them away from sharing their opinion has to date allowed certain people to get away with a lot of undesirable stuff.
  21. I do not approve of the OCR name being used to sell products for a profit -- a commercial album featuring multiple compensated artists, and legally licensed music, is one thing that is fine as an infrequent endeavor. This is something completely different, which brands a product with a name that was bolstered by a dedicated community of hobbyists who have gotten no financial compensation. It's not about the artists sharing in the patreon, or the VST, or the childrens book, or whatever other product gets promoted and funded using the OCR name. Using the name to promote products and services goe
  22. Congrats to you two. Now you can focus on the appreciation of childrens books as an art form. While making money.
  23. "We'll make deals. We'll have the best deals, won't we? Our leadership is -- hey, our leaders are stupid, and incompetent, and they make bad deals. We'll make good deals."

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