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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Can't say I ever had a SNES and so don't recognize the tunes (maybe that misses the point!) but I love whatever you've done with them. Really beautiful sound, fantastic synths and guitar sound, particularly the lead solos... almost reminds me of a lot of modern prog rock groups, like the Neal Morse Band in particular with the synths. Don't know if you listen to that kind of stuff but it reminded me of it in a really great way and most importantly matches that studio quality.

    Really beautiful work.

  2. especially the cow-bell

    There is no cowbell so I'm not sure what you're referring to, especially at the beginning. There is a ride bell around 4:00 mark and onwards.

    up until that point I didn't hear much of the source except for that heavy synthesizer in the background.
    That is basically the bit of Valves that I like and wanted to use. Also the little tune that starts in Valves at 01:42 is the tune that is present during the whole beginning and end segment, with a slight variation.
    The guitar solo threw me off, as it was way too loud and overpowering

    I don't think it was too loud at all, the bass and synth riffs and the drums are definitely equally audible without being confusing, at least from my speakers and headphones.

    I was kind of looking forward to the iconic tune (in the original starting at 0:23, after those heavy drums), which you featured for a very short time at the complete beginning but which didn't return.
    Actually I never used that tune at all.

    I don't think the purpose of this is to sound like the original, I just like parts of the original and wanted to create something using those however I do agree that the middle segment feels completely different to the early and end stuff. Although I quite the like the synth solo in the middle it is way too upbeat for the rest of the track.

    I've done a much different take that changes the middle and end completely, incorporating a version of the Valves melody start at 0:23 like you mentioned and some kind of heavy drums segment. But... I also feel like it lacks something that a solo type thing provides so I'll just have another go at it.

    Updated with an altered solo, slightly more conservative... and the new end segment I think makes the whole thing make more sense. The track still changes direction slightly in the middle but then flows onto the end much better, whereas previously it just went back to the beginning moody start.

  3. Hi there. Here's my second track to post here on OCRemix. This time it's a remix of Valves from Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun. Haven't actually spent too long on this one as it seemed to come together rather quickly and, I think, sounds quite good (at least compared to other things I've done :P).


    The original track Valves: http://youtu.be/8zZjdE6INo4

    EDIT: I updated the link with a download.

  4. i love the retro feel to it!

    Thanks. You don't here that obnoxious Moog sound anywhere after ELP I feel. Probably for good reason. :P

    I improved the mix again I think... trying to get a strong sound without being overwhelming or crushing too much. Doubled the guitar and tried to give it some interesting stereo effects. When playing alone the guitar should be even and thick, then when the hammond comes in it should weigh more on the right to give room on the left for the hammond, without losing strength.


  5. So it's been a long time, not sure why I didn't respond. Had enough of working on the track I expect. Anyway I recently revisited it, went over a lot of it, changed the structure a bit, added some extra segments, redid the mix completely although it's still far from perfect, maybe noticeably off in parts. Needs more vibrant emphasis in places. I want to try get some 'emotion' in the song so it doesn't feel like constant noise but have some gentler moments then builds into rocking sections.


  6. Hi there!

    This is my first post so be gentle. Over the last few months I've done a few remixes of C&C tracks, but this is my best so far I think. I'd like some feedback on it, what should be improved, what I can keep in mind for future etc though just as a note - I have no musical knowledge or understanding whatsoever which is probably a fundamental problem in itself.

    That being said here's the link to it!


    EDIT: So the project has changed direction slightly. It was previously just an Act On Instinct remix but now also incorporates themes from March To Doom and No Mercy.

    The idea is to try emulate a kind of Deep Purple feat Keith Emerson sound- that good old rock n' roll with the Jon Lord hammond and Emerson Moog. I wanted to start with a recognisable take on the AOI tune and chorus then move into straight original territory to make it not just a remake but more of a tribute to the game as a whole.

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