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  1. Hey there. Released 4 of my original tracks from the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun mod Twisted Insurrection soundtrack, remastered, as an EP under my band name! Includes the Surveyors, an all new track with a Red Alert 1 sort of vibe, which will be included in the next version of the mod!


    1. The Surveyors [4:17]
    2. Prodigal Son [4:56]
    3. Arming to Win [4:39]
    4. Xenophile [5:41]

    Cover artwork by Dawid Stobik of the Twisted Insurrection team, check out more of his work on Deviant Art!

    Available on Bandcamp
    Listen on SoundCloud
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    Watch on YouTube

  2. Released today is my first album, self titled Artificial Eye. The catch-all genre is synthwave, but it encompasses a range of cinematic soundscapes and melodic tunes.

    Available on Bandcamp


    1. Love Locket [3:00]
    2. Flight of Apollo [6:43]
    3. What Awaits [5:57]
    4. Don't Feel Bad [4:38]
    5. Designer Perfection [6:47]
    6. The Babysitter [3:42]
    7. Vacation [4:29]
    8. American Dream [8:29]
    9. The Future We Are [3:45]

    Follow on Bandcamp
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    Please give it a listen and tell me what you think!

  3. On 20/03/2017 at 3:25 PM, Xsquader said:

    I often add 2 equalizers to each fx chain. One at the beginning and one at the end. The one at the beginning is intended to remove any frequencies I do not wish to be in the sound. Then I do whatever other FX I am going to use. With the final one that is used to emphasize and de-emphasize the ranges you want. Try that and let me know if that better helps to get you the sound you want. It basically allows you to control what sounds fill out the mix and where. Pretty good on the ears so far and I think this trick might help you! The main lead for example. Try cutting off the low end and let the highest fall off towards the end as well. Then on the last equalizer try to place emphasis in the lower highs. Good luck!

    EDIT - By the way, using the equalizer at the beginning of the FX chain of each instrument and removing the lows from some of them might make the lows a bit less chaotic and allow the sounds you do want there to stand out and fill in more clearly. Using panning effectively can make it fill in better as well. I like to use the basic "stereo shaper" in FL Studio sometimes to separate sounds in a mix.

    Thanks for your response. I guess I could try EQing after the effects too, see if it makes a big difference. I do separate many tracks across the channels, but with the bass I think it can lose focus more and get muddy quite quickly, although mirroring it to a separate channel that only outputs reverb which is spread out a bit can be quite nice depending on the sound you want.

    I should have someone for vocals who I think will be quite great! I will update this when that version is done.

  4. Hey, I rather like it. I could hear it in a movie or something. But I think it needs a bit more edge, especially on your voice. I think some distortion could work really well. Your voice, and the instruments early on, sound very clean and a bit naive or something.

  5. Would like some feedback, particularly on mixing and overall sound as I struggle with that I think. For instance I like the bass sound, but it feels kind of disconnected and I don't know how to fix it. Same with the end lead I think (at least in the beginning, before it goes up an octave). It would be great to get a singer on it too! I think a female voice would be a nice contrast to the original, but I'm open to suggestions.

  6. I'm cleaning up and putting together the most polished stuff I've done so far towards a first album (or I may give up and just do an EP). I'd like to hear what people think about it, as often I'm not sure it's anything anyone would really want to listen to. I'd also like to know what genre this would most fit in too as I have no real idea how I would market it at all. It doesn't sound a lot like the synthwave / retrowave stuff I hear, or anything that's been derived from it.

    Band name suggestions would be cool to hear too! :P

  7. 6 minutes ago, BorgMan said:

    Oh, and seriously minus points for no Mechanical Man. Disembodied voices need some love too man :'(

    I guess you mean the voice sample? There is in the last 45 seconds. That is the biggest homage to the original.

    With the rest of the track I didn't want it to be too similar because I want to stop doing what are basically covers and actually do remixes, which IMO should be taking ideas from the original but not try to simply reproduce the track, which is what I've done on a number of tunes already. So hear I wanted to take the riff and do something else, though it's still identifiably based on Mechanical Man if you know the original/are into the games/this mod, (or listen to the last bit. :P )

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  8. Hello all. This is a track I made for the TS mod Twisted Insurrection, set in a post apocalyptic future and part of a soundtrack that features about 50+ tracks made by lots of different artists covering all sorts of hard electronic sounds I can't even name the genre of. So that's a little context.

    Anyway, I'd like to hear what you think and whether it's worthy of OCRemix at all!

  9. On 19/03/2016 at 10:18 AM, Grebbo said:

    As a huge fan of C&C I have to say I liked your remix. It may not be perfect but it was fun to listen to.

    Thanks! I might go back to this sometime in the future and do it better. Way back I reformated and none of the VSTs were linked up in the project file and it would've taken a lot of work to get back on track. The long break is probably a good thing though. My latest C&C one was an update to an old AOI remix you might like:

    Currently doing a March to Doom mix as well, I'll see what happens with that.

  10. For fun I wanted to touch this tune and just try to basically maintain/recreate the atmosphere I always felt in this level, with this music, of mystery and... anxiousness really. It's no departure from anything you've heard before, but I think it's OK. I definitely like to hear non-metal remixes of Doom tracks, so this is my contribution. Anyway, tell me what you think, particularly to do with the mixing as that's mostly the practice I got from it.

  11. Thanks for the feedback. I did actually read this before but didn't have the inclination to do anything at the time. I updated it though, with a much changed mix that tries to brighten up the whole thing, especially after Frank Klepacki did his own remix of Twisted Insurrection track that obviously sounds much better and more professional. The soundcloud track has been updated. I didn't hear any clipping though so nothing was changed there, although after this new mix it wouldn't apply in the same way anyway. I can't hear any now either.

    Here's Frank's version of Space Echoes: https://youtu.be/1UYh22j8JM4


  12. Sounds pretty cool. I like the opening. Not sure what kind of synth you're using for those 'growls' and whether its just vibrato you control or not, but if so I think it'd be nice to hear it flatten out and join the orchestral notes. So during that opening segment, rather than just having it as some kind of rhythm it could smooth into the strings and fade out, like some distant, calling, and slightly disturbing, voice.

    Also for me, during the final verse, having those strings being cut off feels too much when there's already a synth doing the same thing. Maybe this is a genre staple that I just don't quite get, but I feel like there should be more a through line there... or perhaps removing some of the string notes to make it more simplified and kinda of just announce each beat would make it more dramatic, if that's the intended effect.

    Not that I really know what I'm talking about but hopefully it sounds convincing.

  13. Can't give you much technical advice, but I really like it, or where it could go. I'm not a dubstep fan at all, but this combination of sounds is nice, quite relaxing. The only real complaint I have is the mixing, as you mentioned, because when the dubstep starts it sounds quite suppressed. Could do with being a little crisper.

    By the way, a nice reference point might be Frank Klepacki's Grey Goo soundtrack if you haven't heard it already. He mixed orchestral and electronic, including some dubstep style stuff, that sounds quite brilliant.

    Protect and Destroy


    Bring the Hailstorm

  14. A few years ago I realised I'd been listening to Deep Purple since I was in nappies when I relistened to Pac-Mans Park and realised it had "borrowed" from Purple's Space Truckin' track. This is a remix of the Pac-Mania song but the magic of YouTube yielded a vocal only track from Space Truckin', which I used during the shared segment.

    Original Pac-Man's Park.

    Deep Purple's Space Truckin'.



  15. If anyone ever played the TS mod Twisted Insurrection, then this is actually an update to a crappier remix I did for that a couple of years ago. Don't know whether this version will get in the mod as that is up to the developers, but either way I had unfinished business and needed to improve it! Structurally it's not much different to the original, as the inspiration was to remake the song for the mod.

    Original track: https://youtu.be/n4AUY-v1nsE

  16. Thanks for the reply! Didn't see it until now.

    Don't hear the Easy Lover connection but I'm ok with it! I don't mind some Phil Collins, and I'm a pretty big Genesis fan. As for the period sound- I wanted to embrace the 90s quality of the original, just because it would be some kind of defence to it sucking honestly. :P  The actual instruments are VST recreations of a Pro One, some Juno model, a Mellotron, and a Hammond, so really none of it is meant to sound very modern.

    If I go back to it in future I'd really need to widen the sound somehow and fill it up a bit, because it does feel a bit empty. Possibly I could take it in a more industrial, lo-fi direction, with pots and pans clanging around... that'd reflect KKND I think.

  17. Hello, first time posting something original here but I'm quite happy with this one, though the military drums at the beginning still sound kinda shit. It's an 80s new retro wave inspired generally upbeat track with voice samples from Harry S Truman, George Bush, Lawrence Krauss, Jeanine Pirro and of course Donald Trump, to bring in a very happy new year to civilization.


  18. Doesn't feel too fast to me at all. "I'm just a new boy, stranger in this town" line is too iconic though IMO. Whenever I hear those lines my head plays Young Lust instead and it gets confusing. :D  It might be cool to reference the lyric by having your song character obviously quote it as a chatup line instead, in one of the verses. Then I think I could let it slide.


    Otherwise it just sounds really good to me, definitely something fresh from what I usually hear. Piano could be a bit more prominant in the solo. Maybe posting up the lyrics would help too since it's not all discernable with the current recording.

  19. This is a remix of 'survivor theme 1' from the 1997 RTS Krush, Kill n' Destroy. It's kind of a first pass and I'm always too eager to share things, but so far liking it. Not exactly sure where else to take it as it was just a spur of the moment fun thing to do.


    So tell me what you think. I think it might need a little spacing, but I need some fresh ears. I'd also like to stick in some better cymbals and find a better fake sounding guitar that isn't an FL Studio preset.


    I actually have never played the original game, but people seem to have fond memories. :P  Might check it out soon.


    Remix: https://soundcloud.com/fraser-jennison/kknd/s-9Gvnj


    Original: https://youtu.be/znlRIcNAoKE

  20. Thanks for the review, it's really helpful.

    The lead meanders and its melodic contour doesn't make sense... It sounds like you wrote one prolonged improvisation where you just did it all in one take, not knowing what you wanted to do next, and then kept the entire thing as it was. ... Mainly, what is the point of all those pitch bends? I think they're all excessively overdone and too randomly placed. I don't really have any desire to urge you to make this remix sound a lot like the original, because you don't have to, but it should sound more like the original than not.
    The original solo bit was different in fact a bit longer, so I picked the bits I liked and kept those. I don't think the pitch bends sound "randomly" placed to me, they're still in time. However I'm not sure the idea of that segment is to progress anywhere. I personally enjoy long solos in tracks after establishing a nice groove. They don't go anywhere but they're fun and indulgent to listen to. The difference here is I'm not very good, but I guess I'd like to try do those things that I like. :P The second half of the middle section that follows the solo is where it is intended to progress somewhere, since that takes the background arpeggio and builds up with it.
    The second biggest issue for me was the muddy bass mixing. The two basses do not work well together. The first bass sounds like a fake electric bass sound, and the second sounds like a detuned polyphonic sound. When you combine those with whatever those low timpani-like drums are, the harmonies clash in a not-so-good way, the frequencies pile up in the low-mids, and in my opinion, the arrangement flow was lost at 0:23 - 2:38. The harmonies just makes it sound random, all the way until it stops using those harmonies too prominently, which is about 2:04. At 2:04, the bass is just too loud and slightly clashes with the pad's harmonies.
    I'm not sure I can hear this at all, they don't sound muddy to me although maybe 1) you have a better ear. 2) you have a better speaker/headphone system that reveals things I can't hear. It sounds OK to me on my headphones, speakers and hi-fi.
    The third biggest issue for me was the volume of certain things.What's there is too loud and everything there is fighting for attention. The cowbell's persistent, the lead is meandering again, the pad is pushing its boundaries, the bass is pushing the limiter (5:56, especially).
    Again it doesn't sound like this to me. But as a note on the mixing, I've tried looking at various tracks that I like to see what their waveform looks like and maybe get a glimpse at their mixing. A lot of the tracks I like seem to have quite prominent cymbols and hi-hats etc in the mix, that counter the bassy low sound of the rest of it, but maybe they could be reigned in a tad. The cymbols are mostly annoying because the samples are quite bad, or not quite right.

    Most of tracks I look at actually just go ahead and limit. I tried to take the queue of one track by applying a hard limit just to shave off the very top and hopefully prevent any distortion but after converting to MP3 that gets changed and it does distort. Not sure how I can accurately convert it over so this doesn't happen.


    So overall, main issues:

    - Lack of direction. The lead meanders and the clashing harmonies in most jam/groove-centric spots make those sections sound random.

    - Muddy bass. The two basses together do not work, and only clash in harmonies and in the low-mids and bass frequencies.

    - Lots of things are too loud in volume.

    - The partwriting does not make these instruments complement each other, but fight each other for attention.

    - The length of the remix could be cut down some to keep your ideas more concise, less repetitive, and less random. I think the lead meandering may be a result of you wanting to write too long and demanding sections in this.

    If I can get my new FL Studio install to ready my VSTs then I'll give it another edit for sure.

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