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  1. Hello dear Remixers, I would like to make a Request here, which is beyond the usual Sonic, Mario or Zelda Stuff. One of them is the Soundtrack from the PS3/Xbox360 RPG Nier. It is a truly epic and beautiful OST, with many strong Melodies and so many fine Tracks. There aren't any weak Songs, what makes it almost impossible for me to Request a specific Track, so all the interested Remixers can choose for themselves, which Title they would prefer to work with. Nier: The other one i would like to request, is from the PS2 RPG Trilogy Xenosaga. It is similar to Nier, when it comes to Epicness, Beauty and a haunting melancholic Mood. Just like with Nier, i wasn't able to pin down a certain Track, that i wish to be remixed. There are just too many outstanding Songs to choose from. So, whoever likes to work on this, feel free to pick a Track you like most. If i had to make a Suggestion, than take a look at "Hepatica #3 - I believe in You" from Epsiode 3. Xenosaga is a Trilogy, which means it is one Game, one Story split into 3 Episodes. The OSTs from Episode 1 (Yasunori Mitsuda) and Episode 3 are the most magnificent Works i have ever heard. So i will post both of them here. Xenosaga - Episode 1: Xenosaga - Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CzbKLp2VyM Now, for the Genre: I personally prefer Rock (Gothic, Jazz, 70's), Metal (Doom, Technical Death, Progressive Black, Avantgarde) Orchester & Choirs or Piano Arrangements (optional with female/male Vocals), or anything else that can transfer the melancholic, sad and Epic Mood from the Original. So that means, that Hip-Hop, Techno or any other upbeat Genres would just not fit here. I like to listen to weeping Guitar Sounds with a lot of Flanger & Delay Effects, like "Katatonia" in their early Years ( especially the last 2 Min.) or the Gothic Rock Band "Still Patient" ( ) who can create a certain Soundscape to express the Emotions that occur within the Stories of the Games. And believe me, Nier and Xenosaga are the two Titles with the most tragic Moments i have ever experienced in a Game.I wish there would be a Nier or Xenosaga Remix Album in the Future, but i guess, this is not going to happen. Although it would be a wonderful Experience for Remixers and Listeners alike, because these Soundtracks are full of strong Emotions and outstanding Melodies. I would like to say Thanks in Advance and hopefully, i was able to reach some Remixers, looking for a new Challenge.
  2. Hello there! I am also lurking this Site for quite some Time now, enjoying the Music. I am an almost 40 Year old Male from Germany, who listend to a lot of Music in his Life, but the Artists and Remixers on this Site never fail to impress me anew. I am (what a surprise) a big Fan of Computer & Videogames and the related Soundtracks. I love RPGs most. From western oldschool Games like Might & Magic, Wizardry or Baldurs Gate to japanese RPGs like Suikoden, Wild Arms, Star Ocean etc. I made Music myself some years ago, using Soundsamples from Games instead of Vocals, but i never really showed it to anyone. I think it was just not good enough, being a total Amateur and all. What can i say more? Ah, yeah. My Level of Language isn't that elaborate. But i try my best to express myself, when giving Feedback to a Remixer. That is why i signed up in the first Place.
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