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  1. I have a WiP. Email me acloudcalledklaus@gmail.com and I'll send it over
  2. Oh my bad, my laptop that has the remix is messed up. What is your email and I shall send it to you?

  3. Yeah just now. I'll email you what I have tomorrow.

  4. So I've started remaking Generation 3's music in preparation for the release of the remakes. I've put up one song so far, Dive. Check it out and subscribe to the channel to listen as soon as its up! http://youtu.be/_PxhAUaOJ0Y
  5. Hi I'm new here. I've been making video game inspired music since forever now and I'm finally sharing it around. Please have a listen and leave some feedback if you could be so kind http://youtu.be/wmHfPzlKwQo
  6. New user. I'm interested. Can I claim Spring Yard Zone from the first Sonic?
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