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  1. This is jaw-dropping, holy shit! :0 Gonna keep my eye on this release and also grab Snowtopia as soon as possible!
  2. Haha, I actually thought about making a tribute to BOTH JSR and JSRF, but I'm not familiar with the latter, so I'm not sure if this works out, but the soundtrack there is no less fantastic for sure! Actually, I'm glad that there's some support, but still no claims. Maybe I'll try to reach out to a few more folks later, we'll see.
  3. Well, thanks for the replies anyway! And also for the good luck, Mr. NutS! Hope this will get rolling Also tagging @evktalo @Jivemaster @Chimpazilla @Flexstyle @Phonetic Hero to get their thoughts as well P.S. Added link to the soundtrack just in case
  4. Alright, should've done this just when started the thread, but I'm just dumb. Gonna bump this one for a bit tag a few people who I'd like to see involved: @OceansAndrew @Rexy @timaeus222 @Sir_NutS @DusK @Garpocalypse @Jorito @jnWake @YoshiBlade @Gario @zykO Let me know guys what you think
  5. Jet Set Radio is a masterpiece of a game, really Everything about it is exceptionally unique - the gameplay, the artstyle, the overall atmosphere, and, of course, the music. But what makes me sad is that there are only a few JSR remixes I could find. This game's soundtrack deserves much more representation in the remixing community. Now, I realize that some of the songs may be a bit difficult to remix given their groove-based and vocal samples driven nature, but I still believe that a remix album is possible, even not a very big one. I'm curious if anyone else is interested, because if I can find some people willing to join this, then I am willing to direct the project OST:
  6. Ha, nice! Already listening and liking it a lot Gotta admit though, 5 emails is a bit too many
  7. Heck yeah! I just love all of Rexy's contributions to TSSMA'12, and this one is no exception for sure! I'm a huge sucker for Gamma's theme, Rexy's music and just large and epic and dramatic piano pieces, so nothing to complain about here The dynamic writing is just incredible, which is really good for such "storytelling" songs like this one. Hope to see the rest of stuff from that album here as well!
  8. Man, this one gives me chills even 2 years after the release. Definitely one of the most loud and brutal tracks from STA
  9. Gotta admit, this is some super nice stuff! The blend of electronica with vibes and some other jazzy stuff quickly reminded me of TGH's "Wily's Bubble Bath" remix. And I love that track soooooo much! Really awesome work here
  10. Wow... Talk about a truly deep musical experience! It's been a long while since a track on OCR touched me so much, and, damn... This day came. The first time I listened to this remix I literally sit shocked with chills running down my spine and didn't even move for a moment. I think this also may have to do something with my personal attachment to Sonic games and their music, but anyway :p The overall atmosphere reminded me actually of 'Dear My Friend' and 'Speak with Your Heart', the ending themes of Sonic Unleashed and Colors respectively (the intro is especially strong with these vibes!), which is a nice thing, I guess I must admit, at some point I completely sunk in the ridiculously mellow blend of the creamy guitars, soft vocals, organ and other stuff topped with some warm recording noises, when the violin suddenly kicked in and... Well, it took me by surprise, honestly. But that surprise wasn't a bad one, that's for sure! I really liked how it added a bit of brightness to the soundscape without ruining the established aesthetics. I think I can go on forever with singing the praises to this work, but you better hear it yourself, guys, it definitely wirth your time! Much kudos to TiwC and his crew!
  11. Found it! Had to do some tagging, since a couple of tracks lacked them completely for some reason, so there may be some mistakes, but I don't think it matters that much, honestly.
  12. I can probably get it, should have it somewhere on my laptop, I think...
  13. I just beat this game a few hours ago, and, man, I can say for sure I can certainly imagine this track being in game! Absolutely nailed the overall creppy yet wacky and zany atmosphere of Psychonauts The original is not something that would get stuck in my head immidiately, but Chris made it sound really nice and entertaining... yeah. The source is easily recognizable, but you've also got a plenty of new touches and some classic quirky Mazedude instrumentation! Very good job on this one! EDIT: Almost forgot to mention that I learned about the game itself only thanks to this track! So yeah, huge kudos for making it, haha
  14. Yes! This track is certainly one of my personal highlights of the album It's not really a very new remix, but every listen is still quite nice, and from time to time I even has chills running down my spine I absolutely love the somewhat mysterious yet fresh and adventurous vibe this track has. The powerful drums and groovy bass definitely give this one a huge sense of motion and progression. Then there's also a number of other details that are no less cool - the choir in the intro really helps to set the mood; digging that small folk-ish touch at 1:40 and sweet cello soloing at 3:00! And last but not the least, have to mention the guitar - that's some really enjoyable playing right here. Brave to everyone involved - you nailed it guys!