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  1. Bumping this up... Uh... Anyone interested? :/
  2. Absolutely kickass old-school techno right here! Really love how varied this piece is - it never has some crazy transitions, it's never all over the place, but it always keeps your attention - there're a couple of trancey bits, some swing-like stuff, and, of course, a totally banging hardcore section right in the middle. The airy leads at 1:15 and 3:34 are just so fantastic - I'm huge fan of such bleds of energetic electronica with some mellower instrumentation. Nothing not to enjoy here
  3. Black_Doom

    OCR03666 - NieR: Automata "Beautiful Rise"

    Man, I'm sucker for such somber orchestral orchestral tracks as this one. It's got a bit of melancholy, some epicness, but it also feels very mellow and soothing at times and I can't just deny all the joy it brings to me Seriously, I think this is one of your best works - super touching and emotional - what a wonderful job!
  4. A DDRKirby track with a touch of acoustic elements? Wow, color me interested! That's a really interesting take on what you can probably call the most iconic source from Metroid Prime Really enjoyed this one! This is clearly something I'm going to listen to while doing my homework, haha. Incredibly chill stuff, and yet there's still a bit of aggressive flavor here and there. Once again, very cool and unexpected!
  5. Gosh, I've been listening a lot to this one lately! I really love it It may seem a bit loud, too distorted and just... Weird? It doesn't seem quite cohesive at first, but it quickly grew on me. The atmosphere here is absolutely breathtaking, man. Especially enjoy that part from 4:46 - sooooo good! Absolutely top-notch stuff
  6. Eh, well, didn't get as much replies here as I wanted... Well, let's start doing this anyway! And we'll see how it goes then, yeah. Updated the first post with some basic info. @Majeliss @evktalo @Gario Would you guys like to make a claim (or two)?
  7. Black_Doom

    OCR03826 - Suikoden III "Home Again"

    I think I've mentioned this a lot of times already, but Jorrith is just a beast! There's absolutely nothing that can go wrong when this guy is doing his business! Once again, he created something that's simply stuck in my head. Such a catchy song! The instrumental is actually quite remeniscent of Jorito's "Kill the Groove", I think. A little less aggressive, but the bounce is all the same! And, damn, I just need to mention the vocals. They're probably even a little bit too god for me, haha Seriously, though, both of you should be proud of your work. Mad props for this track!
  8. Oh... This is sooooo cool I really love how this track sounds pretty much like some of the older djp's stuff, but with a modern touch to it and even almost a bit of glitch-hoppish flavor (those drops at 1:09 and 2:28 are hella fun!). Not even going to mention the TJ&E vibes coming from this remix, haha. For some reason, this track slightly reminds me of Bluelighter's "A Kingdom Under the Sea" and djp's "Twoson Hits the Road" and God knows what else. YES, I realize that this one is completly different in terms of genre, but, man, this feels nothing but cute, cozy, happy and warm. So much to love here!
  9. Yo, super nice to see some responses here already! If a couple more folks will express their interest in doing the thing, then I'll definitely start making some stuff, haha. P.S. I'm especially curious if @k-wix would like to participate. Would be really nice to have him on board as well!
  10. Well, Cave Story is awesome. We need an OCR album for it, seriously. So, why not to give it a try? If you want to claim a track, just leave a reply here! However, if you're not a posted remixer, please make a solid WIP before claiming a track or show me couple of your works! One track can be claimed only once. There're no genre restrictions for any track, so feel free to make any kind of magic you're capable of Who we need: Remixers Performers Visual Artists Sound Designers If you can help with anything from this list, let me know! Performers/collaborators: TSori - Trumpet Tracklist: Mischievous Robot - claimed by Eino Keskitalo
  11. Oh wow, how could I not leave my reply here?! This track is absolutely hot. It'll be burnt in my memory for a long time. Yeah, that's right I'm afraid I'm tired of saying the same thing again, again and again, but daaaamn, tim never fails to impress me! I freakin' love aggressive electronica (same goes for any kind of glitch-hop as well!), and I love all sorts of interestiong fusions when it comes to the music. A blend of pumpin' EDM with Indian/Eastern vibes/atmosphere/instrumentation? Oh shit, yes! Major kudos for knocking it out of the park once more!
  12. Oh yeah, this track was a huge surprise for me when the album was released! Jovette's works are always so, so, SO GOOD! This is just as over-the-top as all of his recent tracks Huge kudos for this one!
  13. Black_Doom

    OCR03242 - Street Fighter II "Because Eels"

    Whoa, this remix is huge! The bass chops are just freaking massive, and when they're coupled with some pretty solid and intense drum work, they create a really nice backbone for the track. The synths may sound weird for some people, but I absolutely enjoyed how bright and vivid they sounded. The darker break at 4:30 is quite an interesting turn here, adds a bit more variety and is just quite pleasant for me And the ending was simply epic. Good job here!
  14. Black_Doom

    OCR03789 - Quarth "Block Invaders"

    Upbeat chippy stuff? Yes, please! Don't think I really have much to say. Just a very enjoyable track as usual
  15. Absouletely killed it as always! This is one of those tracks that are very special for me: whenever I'm too stressed or worried about something, I just play this tune, and it really cheers me up a lot From catchy groove to beautiful instrumentaion, this track is 100% solid in every aspect you can imagine. That chiptune break alone is incredible! If I didn't know it is your work, Jorrith, my first guess would be Sir_NutS, actually, so that's sayin' something, I think Special kudos goes to Mr. Shreds for his brilliant guitar chops - they certainly made the track much more varied and energetic. And also they perfectly worked in the mellow-ish outro. Nailed it, guys!