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  1. Oh wow, how could I not leave my reply here?! This track is absolutely hot. It'll be burnt in my memory for a long time. Yeah, that's right I'm afraid I'm tired of saying the same thing again, again and again, but daaaamn, tim never fails to impress me! I freakin' love aggressive electronica (same goes for any kind of glitch-hop as well!), and I love all sorts of interestiong fusions when it comes to the music. A blend of pumpin' EDM with Indian/Eastern vibes/atmosphere/instrumentation? Oh shit, yes! Major kudos for knocking it out of the park once more!
  2. Oh yeah, this track was a huge surprise for me when the album was released! Jovette's works are always so, so, SO GOOD! This is just as over-the-top as all of his recent tracks Huge kudos for this one!
  3. Black_Doom

    OCR03242 - Street Fighter II "Because Eels"

    Whoa, this remix is huge! The bass chops are just freaking massive, and when they're coupled with some pretty solid and intense drum work, they create a really nice backbone for the track. The synths may sound weird for some people, but I absolutely enjoyed how bright and vivid they sounded. The darker break at 4:30 is quite an interesting turn here, adds a bit more variety and is just quite pleasant for me And the ending was simply epic. Good job here!
  4. Black_Doom

    OCR03789 - Quarth "Block Invaders"

    Upbeat chippy stuff? Yes, please! Don't think I really have much to say. Just a very enjoyable track as usual
  5. Absouletely killed it as always! This is one of those tracks that are very special for me: whenever I'm too stressed or worried about something, I just play this tune, and it really cheers me up a lot From catchy groove to beautiful instrumentaion, this track is 100% solid in every aspect you can imagine. That chiptune break alone is incredible! If I didn't know it is your work, Jorrith, my first guess would be Sir_NutS, actually, so that's sayin' something, I think Special kudos goes to Mr. Shreds for his brilliant guitar chops - they certainly made the track much more varied and energetic. And also they perfectly worked in the mellow-ish outro. Nailed it, guys!
  6. Black_Doom

    OCR03786 - Street Fighter II "Family Man"

    First we have "The Ken Song", then "Ryu Next Generation (RNG)", and now this! Absolutely excellent, brilliant and marvelous stuff <3The The sources work together extremelly well, and the track is a blast to listen to! The instrumental performances are really amazing, and the vocals are pretty spot-on too! If a whole album of such SF2 vocal arrangemets existed, I would buy it immediately! Great, great job, all of you
  7. 1) Classic games? - Check! 2) Classic sources? - Check! 3) timaeus222? - Check! 4) Brilliant arrangement? - Check! 5) Orchestral music with a touch of agressive electronica? - Check! Wow, it looks like I don't think I can find anything to dislike here at all! Wonderful job as always, tim!
  8. Black_Doom

    OCR03783 - Final Fantasy X "Fayth in You"

    Oh wow, ilp0, what a surprise! I'm a huge fan of his works, so I'm really happy to see that he's still making music This is absolutely brilliant! So diffirent, yet so similiar to some of his earlier works. The mellow and slightly dreamy atmosphere of this track really reminds me of his classics such as "Cut Man's Lullaby" or "With the Gold Comes the Curse". And the instrumentation is just so daaaaaamn good. Love these guitars so much <3
  9. Dynamic orchestral/cinematic/world stuff has a solid electronica backbone is one of my passions when it comes to music, so I'm absolutely stunned here I don't have anything to criticize here at all. This track certainly has enough Asian flavor to it, and the synthetic elements are blended in really solidly. The drums are soooo good and the synth lead is nice too! My favorite part here is probably the final part at 4:10 when the woodwinds and synths join together, only for the better, of course, haha. Briliant work!
  10. Black_Doom

    OCR03778 - Uncharted 4 "Some Distance"

    So excitied to see this on the front page! I must admit, I've never played this game, but seeing Alex's name here makes me really happy While he doesn't have a lot of works, I can tell there's always something quite chaiming and distinctive about them, and this one is no exception at all. Of course, it's pretty different from all of his previous stuff with this crazy mash of post-rock, chamber, cinematic, and whatnot. However, if you listen closely, you can still find a slight resemblance between some of his earlier ReMixes and this one. For some reason, Radiowar's wonderful "What's Left" is what instently comes to my mind when I listen to this track. Now, speaking of variety here, I'm absolutely stunned here. It's certainly one of those cases when there's so much diverse instrumentaion in a single track that you keep asking yourself all the time "how EVEN is this gonna work?", and yet it all makes sense and simply sounds cohesive. Brilliant! You can easily call this a great rollercoaster ride for your imagination Don't miss this one and download it without hesitation. P.S. Looking forward to seeing more from Alex here!
  11. Дарова! Как там ДоД поживает? 

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      Ну форум чёт потише стал, многие подевались куда-то) То же соревнование Мегаменовское всего 16 человек набрало, хотя года три назад ещё на похожую штуку уйма народу сбежалось. Я вон альбом новый пытаюсь раздуть, но все ноль внимания просто) Видать, в дискорде самый кипиш. Сам сайт, слава богу, ещё исправно новый музончик выдаёт)

    3. Mak Eightman

      Mak Eightman

      Что это за дискорд такой? Меня в ЛоЛе все задолбали им

    4. Black_Doom


      Да чат самый обычный с разными плюшками)

  12. Black_Doom

    PRC379 - Race Against The Time (Outrun)

    Oh heck, Splash Wave! I reaaaaally love this track, my favourite from Outrun, so definitely looking forward to listening to the submissions Glad Eino brought more attention to this gem!
  13. Oh boy, Jorrith, your works... They just never disappoint! This may be simply another favorite from you. The concept may throw some people off, but I'm a really huge fan of the narration here. In my opinion, it really helps to embrace the overall relaxing atmsphere here! Bravo, Stephen good job! Now, onto the instrumental. Chill, lush soundscape filled with mellow sax, sweet interplays between synths and keys and a guitar solo that makes the chills run down my spine? Yes, please! Sign me up! And give me more, this is just too awesome Once again, thank you all guys for the effort! Listened to this track 10 times in a row already, and I'm not gonna stop!
  14. Yep, this is definitely a Sir J's work. Truly wacky, crazy, making every second of listnening experience like "WTF duuuude?!", but, of course, absolutely enjoyable and simply terrific in every possible way. While the intro is more reminiscent of his sleepy mellow OoT lullaby jam (for me, at least), the rest is nothing like a relaxing ballad at all, since this brilliant blend of rock, jazz, prog, funk and disco will keep your toes tapping just right until the very end. Blistering chippy synths, spicy hot guitars, quirky brass stabs, sunny flute solos, wonderful xylophone and piano bits - this song has it all! So if you're into any kind of madness, be sure to check this one out! Mad props, Jordan, for such a sick work!
  15. Black_Doom

    Naming a track in a non-clickbaity way

    Yeah, you better listen to Meteo, he knows what he says :D I can't really help here, though. Maybe something like "A nod to what you've probably already heard in concerto, but it's not over yet". It may sound dumb, but hey, at least it's funny. I mean, I like when I come across such titles in VGM.