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  1. Black_Doom

    OverClocked ReMix Design ?'s and Issues

    OCR03750 leads to the wrong review thread.
  2. Black_Doom

    OCR03750 - Final Fantasy VII "Cosmo"

    Oh damn, I was hoping Mike would submit this one at some point, and well... Here we are! Very cool and even unexpected genre choice for this source. Most arrangements I've heard so far tend to keep the vibes of the original tune - they're all somewhat serene yet solemn. However, MkVaff takes absolutely new approach here and it just works impeccably. It is really really interesting to hear this fan-favorite track in such a toe-tapping, head-bopping and simply upbeat way! I can agree, that the reinterpretation is quite straightforward, as far as the melody is concerned, but I think given the EDM adaptation in this case, it can't be any better! Once again, huge kudos to Mr. Vafeas and hope to hear more in the future P.S. What a nice mixpost for this fancy number
  3. This is quite nice. It isn't really too fancy or anything, but definitely worth the download Its simple and light nature is what makes it so enjoyable for me. The piano break is like a breath of fresh air here - neat touch. The blend of sources is slightly straightforward yet well-done. My only minor complaint here is a key change at 4:23 - it sounds pretty out of place, but luckily this is the final potion of the track and it is relativly small, so it's ok overall. Great job!
  4. Actually, I've never had any problems with the original version from Smash the Record, but I'm fine with a couple of minor tweaks here and there ;) Well, this is a super fun track that simply oozes with the vibes of adventures and excitement! Both sources are already amazing, but Emery just brings them to whole new level. I was a bit skeptical at first, tbh, but this track grew on me really quickly. The solo at 1:30 is simply marvelous, and the following "Final Destination" cameo works incredibly well too - I love how DaMonz took the source and extracted all the awesomeness in this single small part. And right before diving into the second powerful chippy storm, which is no less great, we get a nice chill percussion-driven transition with some mellow backing stuff - another smart desicion in the whole structure of the track. Really appreciate this work, thats a lot! :)
  5. Oh boy, now this is what I call an intense remix! It drags you into this excellect soundscape right at the beginning and keeps your attention until it's over It may seem a bit conservative at first, indeed, and Sir_NutS' comparison to bLiNd's remix is pretty on point, to be honest. It's your relatively straightforward electronica rendition of FF, but I just can't resist the beauty of such a somewhat simple treatment. And damn, those 80's drum fills - I really love retro-ish stuff a lot, so this can only work as a plus for me. Very good stuff!
  6. Black_Doom

    OCR03730 - Mega Man X & X4 "Rolling"

    Man, I've been listening this track a lot since it was released as a part of SFRG. I can actually say that this is the only track from that compo that made it to the top-50 of all tracks on my phone It doesn't mean, though, that the other tracks are all much worse, no, that's just how good this particular stuff is! Anyway, really solid collaboration guys! From kicking drums and delicious synths to some serious guitar chops and smooth vocals, every little thing here shines here. You can't just listen to this once and forget about it. One of my personal highlight here, however, is the part at 2:19 - it's like a small sonic rollercoaster with all those interplays between various instruments. Once again, huge thanks for this work, you're a great trio <3
  7. You should have called this "Sixty fourth techno" Or... wait, is this title a pun already? Yeah, I'm just dumb Great track as always, btw! Love all the quirky chips here.
  8. Black_Doom

    OCR01541 - EarthBound 'Brainshock'

    Absolutely incredible track that defies any classification Pretty interesting intro with that ambience that slowly drags you in, which suddenly turns into hip-hop with a touch of Middle-Eastern vibe, and it also turns into something else, and this chain of transformations doesn't even stop until this track ends! The part @1:31 is really different from the rest of the track, but ironically this is what I consider the highlight of this tune. Especially digging how the brass, EP and somewhat industrial-ish percussion work together. Very good job!
  9. Lmaaaaaaaooooo, wtf? Love you Mr Zieja, you're just crazy! Insane! I laugh so hard whenever Ilisten to this. Thanks. Just thanks
  10. Man, this is too good! Incredibly catchy tune with a slightly raw in-your-face sound Well done, can't even praise this ReMix enough!
  11. Man, such an swesome track! Hot, happy and energetic, just like the spring ^0^ Tons of brass, funky guitars, sick percussion, piano, and beats - sounds like a perfect jam for me This is certainly what I'm going to have on repeat for the next few weeks!
  12. Black_Doom

    OCR03704 - Lunar Pool "Looser Tool"

    Man, I'm so happy to see Harmsing's work here His song are always so good to listen to - these higly polished toe-tapping jams packed with tons of energy and funk always make me smile. This is a bit different from what I've heard from him though, maybe due to the presence of a chill vibe, but I'm absolutely okay with that. The arrangement here is simply incredible, and all the performances are simply top-notch. Especially love the part at 2:30 - it makes every cell of my body move And the small string section near the end is a cool touch too! Certainly give this song a try, even if you're not familiar with the original tune.
  13. Not sure, why I've never commented here before, been a huge fan of this track since its release on OCR. What a funky and energetic song! Honestly, it reminds me of Sir J's debut track, "Smooth As Honey". In a good way, of course (Is there a bad way, actually? lol) Anyway, this track proves once again how good Jorrith is as a musician - this is something I've never heard from him before in terms of the genre, yet it is absolutely polished track with some solid beats, funky guitarz, hot bass (that soloing at 2:57, omg), catchy vocals (Jesse, you rock!), and whatnot. I can't stop singing the chorus when/after listening to this tune ;P Thanks for an amazing work, guys P.S. Nice OutRun cameo, btw.
  14. Black_Doom

    OCR03413 - Kirby's Dream Land 3 "Kirbland"

    I love jazz-fusion, and so I've listened to this track 10 times in a few days. Every little thing is so well-done here, man... I just don't know what to say! It's too good. The section at 1:47 just totally blew my mind Also, gotta love the piano at 3:08 - that's a very nice way to end the song, haha.
  15. I've almost ignored this track completly for a long time for some reason... Probably the first impression wasn't that good, heh. But man, I love it so much now The beats are damn hot, the synth work is pretty intense, and some string action seems quite appropriate as well - certainly feels like a journey through time and space with all these subtle changes throught the whole song - especially love that transition at 4:20, which gives me chills just every time. Definitely worth the download!