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  1. This is certainly an interesting piece of music. Not sure if I could listen to it every day, but it still deserves a listen once in a while. The arrangement itself is super cool, and I didn't even notice the transitions at first. The brass sample gets a little annoying, but the rest of samples work just fine. Very nice overall!
  2. I've been putting this one on repeat quite a lot recently. If I want to listen to something before sleep or just when going for a walk, this will be one of my picks, no doubt. It's just insanely good, certainly one of the best chill remixes I've ever heard. Incredibly smooth from the very first to the very last second. Like, I cannot just say how much I love this track. Especially love the call-and-response between two pianos at 1:50 - so sweet. And the overall usage of those instruments is beyond any praise. And the whole track too. Absolutely fantastic collab! Gonna loop it a few more times, I think
  3. Oh, this is really lovely! This sort-of uplifting dreamy techno soundscape is just perfect. I can totally agree that there's nothing too outstanding or mind-blowing in terms of arrangement, but on the other hand there's a plenty of variety and subtle details here and there (like scratches and twinkling sounds) that made me appreciate this track. The beat may be repeating a lot, sure, but I don't care at all. The groove is super catchy and I love it! And boy, that phat, almost guitar-sounding synth at 3-minute mark is so good. Defenitely spiced the things up a bit. Very solid stuff overall!
  4. Stumbled upon this one while checking out some older stuff once again, and, wow, this is actually sweet! It defenitely aged really well, I think. Pretty catchy groove and the mix of strings and electronica is nice. This is going into my playlist for sure!
  5. Ooh, loved volume one a lot, so looking forward to this release! Especially the would love to hear the take one the introduction track, it is such a nice piece of music Good luck!
  6. Thought it would make sense to post this here: Yeah, another remix of your track, @Jorito Love this track a lot, btw. I've been listening a lot of vgm-related synthwave stuff lately, and this is just so good! Nailed it as always
  7. Super chill and smooth stuff, love it! Reminds me of zircon's excellent "Picolescence", just a little bit gitchier and more aggressive, if this makes sense, haha. Also, holy cow, that bass is huge!
  8. Wow, it's a shame I've missed this one somehow. I'm always into the quirkier/glitchier soundscapes that manage to maintain some structure and has a wide range of melodic stuff going on, so this is certainly a nice treat for my ears. Absolutely love the huge as heck drums used throughout the whole track, and, DAMN, that fake ending at 3:41 got me so much! Killer stuff
  9. Holy shit, that was so epic! My socks were rocked off completely, haha! You should certainly submit this to OCR, this track totally deserves to be on the front page, I think
  10. Ohhh, I'm always excited for some Radiowar stuff! Did not disappoint as always <3
  11. Oh, I've been enjoying this track a lot since the album was released. The build-up is indeed very long and slow, but at around 1:40 the fun really begins with all the subtle variations and changes, and it's hard not to fall in love with what's going on there. Fantastic the section at 2:32, by the way - it works perfectly as a climax of this piece. This is not one of these crazy over-the-top dance tracks that make your speakers tear apart, but a very pleasant listen nonetheless. I certainly bopped my head a few times here and there
  12. Much love from me for sure - it's not your usual Metroid remix that has that dark and unsettling atmosphere, a sense of something heavy and gloomy, no. Instead, this is a rather uplifting and playful piece There's almost something awfully nostalgic about it, although I have no clue what it could be... But for some reason, this track makes me think of better and simpler times, haha. It was not very easy to extract the source from here, but after a handful of solid listens I can certainly say that it is there. It's a relatively simple tune, but that's where it's charm comes from, I guess. Some sweet piano, beats, organ and a few other details, and there you are - a nice and fresh listen that definitely makes you feel comfy. Can easily say that this is one of the best works on the entire site
  13. Wow, just WOW. I'm writing this during my first listen and I'm just about halfway through, but oh my gosh, I know I'm gonna love every second of this masterpiece. I'm a huge sucker for some smooth jazz jams and this is certainly right up my alley! You nailed it with your initial collaboration, Jorik, but this is just beyond any levels of awesome. Really reminded me of another modern classic of videogame music - "Jump Up, Super Star!", which is saying a lot, I think This one is a little less festive, sure, but the attitude is absolutely the same. Jeez, I think I got chills like 100 times while listening to this track - that was scary good. Mind-blowing work by your crew! Keep it up!