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  1. I am super proud of this one. I wanted to share it with you all. This song really captures the idea in my head that I would call "my sound". Here you go. LINK: https://youtu.be/9kEWOTrmMvo Ace.
  2. This song gets covered a lot, but I was really inspired to bring it down, and do something a little different with it. I hope you all enjoy it! https://youtu.be/uPNL9uf71xk
  3. VIDEO HERE: My primary goal was to capture the feel of the original. I stayed fairly close to the source material, but with every iteration, I let it build a bit beyond where the original song went. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. I actually transcribed this track, pulling apart the original audio. It was a huge undertaking, all for an april fools video. I hope you can appreciate the idea of covering one of the worst songs ever written for a game. https://youtu.be/ftRIa7ROwSw
  5. As much as I appreciate feedback, I will say this: I have mixing books. The drums already have a high shelf on them, and honestly the low end is pretty tight in my opinion. When I go back to mix and master for the album, I will probably tweak the bass so it stands out a bit more...but anyways, the point of all this is, as much as I do appreciate feedback from time to time, I honestly don't post here for feedback. I post to share what I have done with fellow creators. I always find it funny when people say...this could use some mixing. Because trust me, there is a lot of mixing going on to make 12 tracks (not including a 7 mic drum setup) sound like anything other than noise. Of course there is room for improvement, and I am not claiming that I could not improve, but I was really happy with the mix on this, outside of really small things, that I am already thinking of working on for the future. Hope this doesn't come off as defensive, because I am not feeling defensive. I am just pretty happy with what I made, and hoping to share it with others.
  6. Took a dark, dirge-like track and threw a ton of groove and atmosphere into it. Hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/yJWPNh2V4e4
  7. I think getting caught up in genre conventions limits the creative potential of a track. Create what you want to create, don't worry about what "genre" you are going for. We live in a world of ever expanding creativity and crossover. Genres are becoming more and more hyphenated. I really like the tones of the drums and I agree that the contrast totally works. Let your art be your art. People can give advice, which can be helpful, but don't sacrifice what you like about a track. Be confident. You may not feel like you have the experience to stand behind your stuff (I know I struggled with that when I first started posting here) but you got something good going on here. The track is definitely coming together, and I like what you are doing with it.
  8. RichaadEB and I team up to give this song the proper treatment. Complete with 15/16 intro!
  9. That is interesting. To me, I was adding a lot of energy to one of the more chill road songs. To each their own, I suppose. I am really happy with the EQ on this track, so not sure what you mean by that. I wasn't planning on submitting this one, but I may. It is quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine, and I have not submitted something in a long while.
  10. I really wanted to do a song where the focus was having fun with synths. Lots of knob turning and glitchy noisey goodness. VIDEO HERE: http://youtu.be/vlTz3MCVg6k
  11. I also just want to mention that I had two days to arrange, record, and mix this song for the charity album. I tried to keep the arrangement modest, as to keep myself from getting too overburdened. It's a quick one, but the original does not have a ton of variation, so I wanted to extend it a bit, without going too far or biting off more than I could chew.
  12. I was invited to be a part of a chartiy album, and ended up covering a song from a series I have not played much of. It was a lot of fun, getting to work with material with fresh ears. http://youtu.be/rvxVWkKTa2M
  13. The saxes were definitely tough to get to sit right. I had them turned down a bit, and they got totally buried. Then I actually released the video, and pulled it because they were too loud. So this was my happy medium.
  14. I have been doing songs from all my favorite things of 2014, so I just had to do something from the fantastic Shovel Knight. http://youtu.be/ZE14QYsCP3A
  15. I used a mixture of analog synths and chiptune to make this rendition of sweden from minecraft. My first video to feature the use of my modded Game Boy with LSDJ. http://youtu.be/lTmyHOzGPTI
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