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  1. Now here's a song that needs a good remix. I'd really love to hear a grand orchestral arrangement it with a bit of metal edge. You could just go full metal, or anything else, really. I don't mind much. There are lots of possibilities with this track in terms of style, so if you wanna remix it, go wild. Here's the source:
  2. I haven't seen a remix of a Gen 5 Pokemon game yet, but I think this would be a great source to start with: Honestly I'd remix it myself, but I'm not nearly skilled enough to do the song justice. What I'd like to hear is kind of a slightly aggressive, grungy interpretation, keeping in line with the slower jazz tone of the original, but adding a kind of rock edge to it. Instrumentation wise, I really like the bass and guitar accompaniment in this song, and I would like a remix to focus on and enhance those parts. You could add saxophone or a lead guitar in some parts. Its really up to the artist's discretion. The source itself is rather short, so whoever wants to take up remixing it can take plenty of creative liberties, though I would like to keep it somewhat conservative with the melody, especially around 0:31. I think this part of the song has a lot of emotional weight, if that makes any sense. I'd really like a remix of Virbank City's theme to evoke an image of what I imagine that place to be like: Envision a dirty port town built up around old, factories and chemical plants. Rain drips lethargically from the soot colored sky, never seeming to stop, just as toxic smog never stops spewing from the factory smokestacks. Rust and graffiti cover nearly every wall in this rundown city, But despite the filthy environment, Virbank city is not without its mysterious urban charm. The people there are genuine and down to earth, from the local punks, to the grizzled factory workers, to the little kids at the city preschool. Life can be a struggle, but each day they get by with the help of their pokemon. Anyway, as long as there's plenty of passion put into the working of this remix, I certainly won't complain, and I sincerely thank anyone who wants to take up this project.
  3. This song is a ton of fun. Why isn't this a common style in popular music? Who wouldn't want to dance to something so goofy?
  4. World's best grandpa indeed! This was a pleasure to listen to. I tend to associate sounds with textures, and to me, each instrument in this arrangement seems to have its own fantastically rustic, earthy, slightly rusty and dusty feeling. The overall simplicity of the piece brings about an odd sense of nostalgia for me.
  5. Ok, so here's my latest remix from Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It's a mix of Lost Labyrinth Zone, Acts 1, 2, and 3. I actually salvaged this from an old, sub-par, western style remix of mine and made it into more of an electronic dance piece. The majority of the song is Act 1, with small parts of Act 2 coming in at around 1:17 and 2:18. Act 3 is added in for the remainder of the song at 3:07. You can listen to it here: And these are links to the source material: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 1: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3: I'm pretty proud of this remix. As an amateur, I consider it my best work yet, but of course, I'd like to get some other people's opinions on the sound quality, things that could be improved, and on the composition as a whole. Please let me know what you think, and I'll see if I it's good enough to submit this to the judges.
  6. Somewareman

    finished Mother 3 - Memory Of Life [Piano Arrange]

    Saw this on An excellent take on a gorgeous song. Even though it's very conservative, that's not a bad thing. You've enhanced an already great piece of source material, and you started adding more variation at around 0:44. I just wish it were longer, but what you have is really beautiful.
  7. AFTER TEN-THOUSAND YEARS, I HAVE RETURNED!!! Man, it's been a while. I've been so busy lately with work and job searching, but that aside, I've addressed pretty much all the concerns expressed, adjusting the EQ and such, and I think my remix is 99% complete. However, there may be some slight issues I've overlooked. If there's nothing seriously wrong, I'll be ready to take my chances with the judges. This piece has come a long way since its inception, so thanks!
  8. Thanks a ton for helping with this. I've been looking over your changes and adjusting my file accordingly. It really helps to have something like this as a guideline to follow. I don't really know why I had all those compressors. I guess I should really learn how to use those before adding them to everything. I'll probably post the updated remix in a few days, but I have a lot on my plate right now. Hopefully I'm on my way to a polished final product.
  9. Yeah, I had a lot of things panned and I know my EQ needs a lot of adjustment. Thanks a lot for taking time to look at this. I really appreciate that. There are a few things to note about how stuff is set up 'cause I've been using the demo of Harmor, a soundfont I found somewhere, and a custom GMS instrument, but I'll have a readme file thing to give you the specifics. Everything is right here: Thanks again.
  10. Yeah, I totally get the centering the kick thing. I actually did forget about centering a secondary kick I had, but when I did, it interfered with the bass. After messing with the EQ and stuff I decided to just get rid of that extra kick. Here's the revised piece: and this is the previous one: I actually noticed a few weird things going on with the bass at about 2:07, so I'll try to clean that up. Like I said before, I didn't have a clear direction in mind when I started this piece. I basically just built it up from the bass as I went along. Genre-wise, I usually stick to electronic hybrids because I currently have limited resources within FL Studio, and I can't play any instruments besides the kazoo and very basic percussion. I like to work with a lot of styles like jazz, baroque (certain kinds), industrial, orchestral, ragtime, choral, and metal and I love to experiment, which is why I'm a fan of Mazedude. I would really like to work with real instruments, but the only way I could do that would be through collaboration.
  11. Well, here's the newer version with bass, snare, and kick centered: as opposed to the previous version, here: I had the kick and bass panned to try and avoid overlapping the EQ, but I guess since they're sidechained now, it's not such a big deal. As far as style and genre goes, I didn't exactly have a clear vision of the final product in mind when I started. I did want it to sound exciting, but also somewhat laid back so I thought using the drums in hip-hop style would be appropriate. Honestly, I think the contrast between the drums and instruments works, but maybe I don't have enough experience yet to pull it off effectively. If you think it sounds awkward or something, what would you suggest? BTW, is the muddiness and overcompression issue fully resolved, or is there more I need to work on?
  12. I made a few adjustments here and there, and here's the result: The original version is here: I think it sounds better now, but my ear isn't as well trained as I'd like it to be yet. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome, so please tell me what you think.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, timaeus. Cleaning up the sound quality will help this Remix tremendously.
  14. This is a mix of the Route 38 and 39 Theme, Title Theme, and Bicycle Theme from Pokemon Silver Version. Link to Remix: Links to Sources: Route 38,39: Title Theme: Bicycle Theme: I've been working in FL Studio and I'm having some trouble with the violin synth cutting out at parts. It works fine in the program, but not after I render. I'd really like some help with that. Other than that, I'd mainly like some feedback on improving my production quality. (I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to mastering so please use small words.)
  15. Somewareman

    wip Mother 3 - Girl's Room (Remix)

    ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION [X] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source PRODUCTION [X] Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) STRUCTURE [X] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough) [X] Too repetitive [X] Too short PERSONAL COMMENTS Nice to see a Mother 3 remix. Lots of good source material in that game. Anyway, I'm really no expert, but I think you could use a little more variation. I liked the intro you had, but "Girl's Room" is such a short and repetitive song, you need to change it up a little more in your remix. As far as your production quality, I can't help much with that. I hope other people will provide feedback. Good luck!