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  1. Thanks! There's a LOTTT of stuff going on at the high end, so I'd definitely believe it if someone told me I possibly went overboard trying to tame that beast. I feel you about the variety, having heard mixed things about it. Balls-to-the-wall types love it while with others it might feel a bit stale. I think Midna definitely is a bit more on the accessible side of things. Thanks! I was kinda going for a Born of Osiris approach, with it just repeating in the background while adjusting the volumes. I found that if I took the keys out during a section it felt super empty. This could be
  2. Took a while mixing this one, bounced it off a lot of knoweldgeable folks for advice. I'm still nowhere near 100% happy with my final mixes, but I'm a bit more confident in them these days. Lemme know what y'all think
  3. Thanks! Yeah, the leads being buried sometimes was partially intentional, but I think i downplayed them a bit too much in the mix. I think mostly my snare is a bit too present as well, so I feel you there.
  4. Still improving my mixes where I can, went for a more "hype" drum sound on this one to accent the intensity. There are a lot of guitar layers here...
  5. Thanks so much! Mixing the sax into a heavy-ish post-metal type part was a trip; I used M83 and TesseracT as a reference for levels, boosted the high end quite a bit, and applied a LOT of reverb and delay to give it a spacey effect without completely killing it. Glad you like it!
  6. Nah I think you're right, after I released the video I was listening back and around 5:39 I heard a little bit of dissonance with the tremolo notes, tapping leads, and the tail end of the solo. There wasn't much I could do about it at that point, but I'm honestly not too upset about it. If anyone asks I'll probably claim it was intentional Glad you liked it!
  7. Took a bit longer on the mix/master with this one to get rid of some of that middy blurriness and garbage. Still not perfect, but I'm rather proud of it!
  8. Thanks! Yeah, there are about 8 guitars playing on top of each other at this track's densest, and it becomes a bit of a headache with the mix and trying to balance the leads. I'll keep this in mind for next time, though.
  9. any and all feedback welcomed. https://youtu.be/Xfy3U7zyBng .MP3 Download .WAV Download
  10. Adjusted the way I monitor my mix, noticed a few things I was previously overlooking. Lemme know what ya think: (.MP3 and .WAV downloads are available on that link as well) Original:
  11. I usually do progressive metal / rock stuff, but I really wanted to take it easy on this one and try to do the original justice with some slow build, crescendo, ambiance, etc. I experimented a lot with layering all kinds of tracks and effects to achieve a unique tone, and a buddy of mine contributed bass. This track is part of an album to raise money for charity. http://youtu.be/TjRPW7DWXF4
  12. Thank you for the feedback, I'll work with your suggestions and might even submit it
  13. I'm still trying to figure out how to compress leads and bass properly without completely murdering them in the mix. Really tried to hit an Angel Vivaldi-ish tone with this one; feedback and Critique very much appreciated. Listen I know Chrono Trigger covers/remixes are done to death, but that's not unwarranted. Hope someone enjoys it.
  14. I haven't, admittedly. I'm personally pretty happy with my tones as they are now given the limitations of the interface and software, but they're definitely not professional-grade. I'd like to get an Axe-FX or Pod HD Pro in the future when I have millions of dollars to throw around. And thanks for the heads up about those comps!
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