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    I have been learning and producing Electronic music for about 2 years now, and am mostly entirely self taught.

    As for video games, I love the SEGA MegaDrive, and am a huge fan of its FM sound.

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  1. Yeah the YM is awesome, and the free VST I found is pretty much bang on. Anyway, I did some fiddling with EQs and changed a few of the dials on the synths in the song to make the frequencies more spread out and less muddy. I also added another section at the end in an attempt to flesh it out a bit. Link: Sonic 3 Boss ReMix Thanks a lot for your help again!
  2. I isolated the bass and got a screenshot of its EQ, not much happening as its mostly just the raw sound from the YM synth. http://i.imgur.com/zoCgOCz.jpg
  3. I have read your critique and have done a few changes, I have decided to stick with the DnB style and only remix the Sonic 3 boss in this style. I have also tried to clean up the mix a little. However, I am finding this remix hard to add extra parts to, in terms of composition, as once you have remixed the two melodies inside the tune, there isn't much to do. I am currently experimenting with adding a section that sounds more like the 'mini-boss' part to flesh it out a bit. Here's the updated drobox link: Sonic 3 Boss ReMix, as yet untitled. To maybe help those critique my work, I have add
  4. Thanks for the advice, I am definitely going to look into the composition side of things, maybe just choose one boss song to work with and flesh it out a bit more. Maybe 'overly dramatic' was a little optimistic, but for now I will have to think on what else to call it so far... Yeah, some other people have come back to me and said the mixing was a little muddy and compressed, and that really needs a look at. I'll take any advice to fixing that on board as mixing isn't really my strong point. Thanks again!
  5. Hi First time making a thread here, so excuse me if I have done something horribly wrong in the process. Anyway, I have been working on a remix of all the Classic Sonic boss tracks rammed into about 4 minutes, and by accident at first, they came out overly dramatic. Its closer to finished than not but there's probably room for improvement. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78325270/Epic%20Bosses.mp3 Any feedback on how I can improve or fix things would be much appreciated!
  6. Hi! I'm Mush. I came into music production about two years ago and am mostly self taught in pretty much everything I know. I am also a huge fan of retro games and consoles, and the awesome music that comes with it. My personal favourite system for music has to be the MegaDrive with its distinctive metallic FM sounds, and have found a fantastic free VST for emulating the sounds from the YM2612 chip, real handy for that retro feel! I have my previous works on my YouTube channel, but not many video game related remixes... yet. I really want to get into remixing game music more... thus my bein
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