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    Creativity revolves around me.
    Not to say I'm a narcissist, that is.

    I write stories and involved twice in an event known as NaNoWriMo (write 50,000 or more words in a novel within a month) and plan on winning the July one.

    I compose and transcribe music, having transcribed a portfolio of 50+ pieces and themes and having composed my own few themes, which can be found on my YouTube page.

    I draw and have worked on a rather story-centralized comic called Broken Reality.

    And I most enjoy entertaining with my many musical talents in piano, violin, viola, erhu, guitar, and recorder, with the golden touch (touch and I shall play) with flute, alto saxophone, cello, bass, kazoo, drums (timpani, set, tamtam [oh lord, that tamtam]), among others.

    All in all, I'm also a math and science-favorable person, and love just discussing random things that can extend to magic and fantasy.
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    Unlicensed Transcriber
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    recorder, erhu, guitar
  1. Everywhere I look in here it's about remixing. And that's obvious, because it's in the title. Is there a place in here for those who wish to contribute their natural transcribing talent rather than incorporate personal touches to create a remix? Or can you show me the way to somewhere else that does if this place doesn't? To clarify, it's just that I haven't yet built the intricate nodes in my mind for building off a known theme. I'm good at improvisations, but only when they're on the spot. In other words, I'd like to know if people who create sheet music of well-known themes that are not a
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