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    Creativity revolves around me.
    Not to say I'm a narcissist, that is.

    I write stories and involved twice in an event known as NaNoWriMo (write 50,000 or more words in a novel within a month) and plan on winning the July one.

    I compose and transcribe music, having transcribed a portfolio of 50+ pieces and themes and having composed my own few themes, which can be found on my YouTube page.

    I draw and have worked on a rather story-centralized comic called Broken Reality.

    And I most enjoy entertaining with my many musical talents in piano, violin, viola, erhu, guitar, and recorder, with the golden touch (touch and I shall play) with flute, alto saxophone, cello, bass, kazoo, drums (timpani, set, tamtam [oh lord, that tamtam]), among others.

    All in all, I'm also a math and science-favorable person, and love just discussing random things that can extend to magic and fantasy.
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    recorder, erhu, guitar
  1. Everywhere I look in here it's about remixing. And that's obvious, because it's in the title. Is there a place in here for those who wish to contribute their natural transcribing talent rather than incorporate personal touches to create a remix? Or can you show me the way to somewhere else that does if this place doesn't? To clarify, it's just that I haven't yet built the intricate nodes in my mind for building off a known theme. I'm good at improvisations, but only when they're on the spot. In other words, I'd like to know if people who create sheet music of well-known themes that are not already found elsewhere in the internet are welcome here, and if their work can be used in projects across this thread. I've asked multiple people, but replies have yet to come, so while I waited I thought I'd throw a question here as well. Thanks in advance, ~magix