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  1. I again give my permission to monetize my songs on the ocr youtube channel. I don't post much anymore but the site's existence is still important to me, so anything to help make the site's costs easier to manage and plan for is fine by me. Please upload a video at some point of all of Liontamer's Lamborghini hot tubs, though.
  2. Just saying, I make a lot of these. I mean, like A LOT ...yeah...
  3. Edit: Okay, after further consideration and some conversation, I'm tentatively going to keep my tack on here. I'm going to contact everyone with done or near done songs to get this into a small OCRI EP release. No new track assignments, no updates from stuff that isn't close to finished, this is basically just a cleanup job so that the music that is mostly done can be out and we can all move on with our lives.
  4. If I get the chance, I'll upload a mirror of all the stuff that used to be on OCRemoved. Sorry to hear you had to quit the site, Douli. It was stuff Val and I listened to on our date nights
  5. Bring back the old forums, and the sidebar, and all the mixes that were removed! These new forums are legit in all seriousness.
  6. Even if I can't contribute, I want to say how much I am behind this project. I'll see what I can muster, cause this is in my top 5 N64 soundtracks and my top 50 soundtracks ever. LOVE this.
  7. Friday, July 24 to Sunday, July 26 Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ontario (in CANADA!) http://conbravo.com OverClocked ReMix's first convention appearance on Canadian soil, and they're sending OverClocked University as the ambassadors of Video Game Music to rock out at ConBravo 2015. TWO OC ReMix panels, ONE OCU performance! Prizes! Music! PowerPoints! SHAQ-FU! (More information coming soon) Panelists: OverClocked University Diodes DragonAvenger Level 99 OA Tom the Drummer! \m/
  8. 1. Post on the forums more than once a month. 2. Clean my plate of all my remaining OCR stuff so I can have a full stop for a little while (need a break for real life for a bit). 3. Get to goal weight of 165 by this time next year, no other pressure physical fitness-wise. 4. Make 2015 the most active and growing musical year for me since 2010. I have hopeful plans to make and release 3-5 albums. 5. Start a family (maybe, this might be a 2016 goal).
  9. Bday! Yours! Stevo! :D

  10. Talking to "some members of the community" is a vague point. How many, who, what did they say specifically, etc.? Posting a thread about it is fine, and if people chime in here, then we can actually SEE how they feel about it. It may or may not change how things are done, as is with everything about the site (DJP always has the last word on everything, even from within staff), but it shows that there's something that possibly needs addressing. As such, I'm going to disregard anyone else and just address you with my post. The reason why there are no qualifications is because, unlike how to
  11. Wait...I know this guy... Also yes that is totally me on Beth's track and I'm deeply sorry to anyone who has to listen to it
  12. I was just talking about doing something from Phoenix Wright. I was thinking Andrew could retool his "Holiday with Mia Fey" for live performance.
  13. Apparently, I'm going. Only be there Saturday though.
  14. Where is my Homer Simpson "OH MY GOD" Tramopoline reaction youtube?! WHERE IS IT?!
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