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  1. Is the handheld version going to have online play?
  2. What of the giant trees? Also, when I speak of ants being machines, I'm speaking entirely metaphorically - in the same way we can say that a transit system is a circulatory system, and freight trucks are red blood cells.
  3. Will you describe your logic?
  4. Leaps of logic are my speciality. It's what I do. :3 They're really fun at times. Also, they're kind of necessary for perceiving the world in metaphor like I do. I feel it's very possible that the manga creator's intent is for the titans to actually be something else entirely, and the humans only see giant, grotesque versions of themselves. This is a very real psychological phenomenon (mass hallucination?) where everyone agrees they see a certain thing, when in actuality it's something else entirely, even to the extent that they witness the illusion together.
  5. So I recently watched Attack on Titan, and loved it. There's certainly a lot of mystery involved all around. Namely...what Are the titans? Today during a hike, I noticed that in the late evening, ants were really sluggish around their hills. It was then that I realized that their activity is driven by the sun. That made me think about the titans and how they're literally powered by sunlight. I got to wondering about the insects on an evolutionary perspective; they're like machines running on solar power. From their perspective, their anthill is not unlike the human's experience of their walled city in the anime. Do you suppose there's an intended connection between the titans, humans, and ants? My mind drifts to something Hangi said to Eren - that the titans they perceive and the titans of actuality may be very different things. I think that this revelation is very important.
  6. I'm sorry. I only just got here, and I wanted to jump right in. I know it's not real's my art. I just thought OCR still had a thing for shops. ._. It's been a long time since I've been a part of this community.
  7. Brawl did have an impressive soundtrack. When the hype was getting to a fevered pitch that year, I stuck a huge collection of its music on my nano. I even downloaded gameplay clips from Gamespot to watch at work or on the bus. COLORS make our world a lovely place. I can't wait to soak my eyes with the stage art.
  8. I just arrived at the conversation.. 45 pages! Gee golly o.o All the boss weapons! I never thought of that! Such a great idea. Picking up people - if that wasn't a gift for the battlefield trolls I wonder how they can get all those weapons in the control scheme? As for character possibilities, ever since Melee, I've wanted to see Isaac from Golden Sun become playable. I like to picture what Hal Laboratory could do with this attack… Brawl did feel like a mostly-baked game to me. The online play was mediocre at best. I'm certain they must've tightened that up. I really just hope they tried to eliminate character tiers. No doubt, but who needs subtitles anyway? ...or titles, for that matter.