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  1. I am not really a remixer (I have done a few but none for games) BUT I have made 2 Diablo 3 themed songs... because I play the game and like it. After the completion of each song, I was able to get one of them promoted on a really popular fan site known as ( and the other was promoted by the gaming company Blizzard themselves (, which was really awesome. There are a lot of good methods of sharing your original music or remixes but having them promoted by fan sites or the actual company themselves has proved to be the best way to share and receive exposure that I have experienced. Based on what I have seen, I don't think many (Game fan sites and Gaming companies) receive much fan made music so I think most of them are more than happy to share it when a producer goes out of there way to make some.
  2. Okay I was not sure if I could post it there. And it's definitely a hard dubstep so it appeals to a certain crowd
  3. The best advice I can give you in terms of producing is, find a sound that you like and that works for you. You want others to be able to know when a song of yours comes on without even looking at what's playing. Creating a unique sound/style for yourself is also a great way of getting your music out there. People get tired of listening to the same stuff over and over again. In terms of mixing and mastering, I would highly recommend reaching out and try to talk to another producer who you like or respect. There is a lot of good info on the Internet concerning mixdowns and mastering but you will find that everyone does it a different way. Talking to a producer and getting an in depth explanation of what they do can point you in the right direction. And with that knowledge you can either continue doing what they do or find a method that works even better for you.
  4. Too bad I missed this, would have been fun to do. Congratulations to the finalists.
  5. I think I have taken off about 6 months or so of producing.
  6. Here is a Diablo themed Dubstep song I made a little while ago. I decided to make is because I am a fan of the series. I hope you all enjoy, feel free to download it at no cost! It is available for free download at the soundcloud link so make sure to grab it if you are feeling it!