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  1. Thanks for the answers! So basically when the time comes I can promote this album on my Youtube channel with my Remix. Release in 2016 thats a looong wait I think I'll unclaim that Hydro City Act 2, I'll need to upload more content to my channel and I've already started working on that track so that will be my next upload... I'm still Remixing for this album but I think I'll check back when the "claiming deadline" arrives (if there is any)?
  2. Hello everyone! I was asked by BorgMan to contribute in this Remix album. Let me first introduce myself, it is my firs post after all; Name's 'JemenJ' and there's a great change that you've seen/heard my Sonic Dance Remixes on Youtube. I've been Remixing Sonic many years and my tunes have gotten quite popular over the years I think my very first remix of Ice Cap, from 2007, is the Youtubes most viewed Remix of that song When I'm not remixing or playing Sonic I'm a semipro producer/musician here in Finland. I've been on several bands and played live gig's here in Finland. I'll do compos
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