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  1. I'm sorry, guys. I've spent some time composing, but I don't think I'll have time to finish a full track. I'm really unhappy, because this is a super cool project that I'd really like to help out with, but reality is harsh. I'll continue to hang out, though, and I'm absolutely super happy to contribute anything to any of you who might need a piece here and there. =edit for clarity= Nothing bad happened, I just have too much school work...
  2. Was working on finding someone to work with me. I ended up contacting an old bandmate/producer, and he agreed to help with the Sonic 3 boss theme...thing. We're starting on a WIP tonight! Sorry that I've been quiet about it.
  3. Revision: I had claimed Hydrocity Zone 1 from Sonic 3, but can I switch to the ?Also, if anyone looks at this, I'm still searching for a collaborator for this piece.
  4. So, first time post, long time lurker and listener. I've been wanting to work on a Hydrocity Zone 1 from Sonic 3 remix for a long time, and this project seems like a good opportunity. I didn't see that track listed on the claimed list on the first page, is it open? I was hoping to work with a synthpunk sound of the song, but I'm just a guitarist, and not a very good producer or maker of electronic sounds and things. As a result, I think my only option is to look for someone to collaborate with me. What's the best place to look for someone?
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