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  1. Because I KNOW there are other people besides me that played XIV. I'm requesting a remix of Answers. Specifically one that is of an uplifting trance feel with a shift into Dubstep around 2:35 http://youtu.be/_xtyo2rCk-U
  2. Okay so You know of the infamous 2006 game? I'd like to request a instrumental trance remix of His World http://youtu.be/3VHnFwVskl0 FinalBoss version (Solaris Phase two) version:
  3. Okay I have a request for a dark drum'n'bass/dubstep remix of this sing. in reference to a certain infamous ending to this game (preferably called Gotterdamerung)
  4. I'm wondering if there are any Neptunia fans here. If there aren't then I'll explain what the games are (with Wikipedia and TvTropes links in case people accuse me of being hipster enough to make s*** up): Hyperdimesion Neptunia is a series of games about the Console Wars, but with the consoles (and several Japanese game companies) anthropomorphized as girls (also bizarrely exclsuive to the Playstation 3). It's a JRPG/Visual Novel thing. Also it gives Disney a little precedent about stories about selfaware video games (to varing directions, degrees of literalism and trippiness). The games are
  5. Hey there. I'm Morningstar1337. Not really much of a composer (in fact I haven't made any form of music). But I have heard several remixes from this site. And I like a variety of video games and music
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