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  1. Generally not bad, though i didn`t like 8-bit part of it. My favourite part is after 3:35. Do you have piano sheets for it? I can say it because it (along with the list of pieces i`ve played) was just an explanation why i`m looking for music of particular style and instruments and what difficulty i can handle on piano. I`ve never made video of me playing, but maybe i`ll try it on my next performance.
  2. I`m studying playing piano for 10 years and now looking for new pieces to perform .I have already played the most beautiful original pieces from FF VI VII VIII IX and Chrono cross(Terra, celes, aerith, ffvii main theme, Find your way, Succession of witches, Blue fields, Eternal harvest, Scars of time and many others) and some of the remixes (Life without parole of DHSU, stony eyes of shnabubula, Jenova on classic piano etc). I like calm, eerie or sinister pieces with strong and distinct climax and clear melody line. So i`m asking for help if anyone know original pieces or remixes from other games with similar style, emotions or atmosphere already performed on piano or arrangeable ones.
  3. I have transcribed dshu`s life without parole and found with great difficulties eric barker`s (Noir) jenova for classical piano, i can send it to everyone.
  4. Hi, do you have Eric Barker's (Noir) Jenova for Classical Piano piano sheets in pdf, link on the one in DSHU`s post is broken.