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  1. Hi, do you have Eric Barker's (Noir) Jenova for Classical Piano piano sheets in pdf, link on the one in DSHU`s post is broken.

  2. I haven't played Dream World at all - and I have no intention of getting into the Farmville of Pokémon - but from what I've heard, you score a lot of points each day by visiting other people's houses and watering their berry patches.
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26684258/ProceduralMidi_MIDIOutput.zip I added to drake7707's program the ability to choose which MIDI output device you select, which means it can be used with MIDI loopback devices, such as LoopBe. A quick guide to getting this to work: 1) Install LoopBe. Download link is here. 2) Inside ProceduralMidi, you'll see another drop-down box below the instrument box, which probably currently says "Microsoft Wavetable GS Synth". Change it to "LoopBe Internal MIDI". 3) Set your VST host or whatever program you're using to use LoopBe as an input MIDI device. I've already been able to output notes directly to synths in FL Studio. p.s. drake, would you be interested in making ProceduralMidi a Google Code\Codeplex project?
  4. This was my audition track for the Lufia remix project, the beginning of a remix of . Obviously it didn't make it. I was really disappointed when I lost the project files; this was one of my favorite WIPs.
  5. Yeah, I ended up finding that out a little while ago. What a disappointment. I think you can set it up so you load the same group of instruments quickly? That way, you don't spend so much time reloading your instruments and the plugin when the demo mode ends. EDIT: Contrary to what some on the KVR thread have said, instruments in demo mode DO render.
  6. http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/kontakt-player/?page=781 Looks like Kontakt, minus some of the more advanced editing features (though I don't know what exactly). The extra sample libraries are nice, but what I'm really glad about is that this opens the door on a lot of free Kontakt samples I couldn't use previously. EDIT: Apparently there's a 30-minute time limit imposed on 3rd party sample libraries.
  7. Conveniently enough, the Pokemon Video Game Championship Nationals tournament is being held the 27th-28th in St. Louis, and I have free airfare\hotel there for winning one of the regionals. It's been a while since I've been involved in anything OCR-related, but I'd like to meet up with a few people in the evening.
  8. I think we'd be doing him a disservice if his work never saw the light of day. I second the posthumous remix idea.
  9. He'll find that very difficult to accomplish. A car accident took Avien's life.
  10. Bringing an Edirol UA4FX for hooking up instruments to a laptop and through FL Studio (I think I heard bustatunez brought one last year). Of course, I'm still looking for people to room with, so if anyone has any spots and think they could squeeze me in, please let me know!
  11. I too want to sing and dance, but I'll settle for just singing.
  12. Is pu_freak's Vigorous Town mix still on the project? I see it's up on the list at the project forums (which was updated two months ago), but not here...
  13. I think this would actually be the second mom & son collab, since MomUltimA was also playing in DrumUltimA's "Moon Rhapsody".
  14. A (mostly) acoustic cover of Terran 1 won the August 2007 Dwelling of Duels.
  15. hahahahaha Seriously, what's up with referencing "The Final Countdown"? It's almost as ubiquitous as the musical cumshot.
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