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    graduating from emory in may, and i'd really like to professionally write video game music
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    Brigid Choi
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    barista and aspiring video game music composer
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  1. Really happy you like my stuff man c:

  2. i think this shit is dope. sounds pretty post rock, and i really like how drums heavy it is yeahhh just got to the drum solo, and this shit is mad dope brother
  3. hey dude! i really dug your rendition of traverse town :D

  4. Hello all! I write for RPGFan, and I want to be a video game music composer. I'm graduating in May, and I'd like to work for any indie game company in the US. My portfolio is here. Thanks for listening! Email me if you're interested!
  5. hey, guys! I'm an aspiring video game music composer (as I'm sure are lots of people on here). I've worked on one game so far called Box that you can play on Kongregate. My portfolio (with samples of vg music!) is at Also, I write for RPGFan!

  6. Hey! I'm new here. I heard this was a good place to get into the video game music industry. If anyone could look through some of my songs and give me some constructive criticism, I would really appreciate it! Please be nice! If you would like to share any of your connections, too, that would be amazing! Thanks! Brigid