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  1. This is one hella funked up tune, good job by the COTMM, got that eerie static crap in the begining which sets the mood, and the dark voice adds to it all, and it's not repetitave which is hard to find these days. www.ffgraffiti.com People play games... because they are now smart enough to realize how much reality sucks...
  2. It just didn't do anything for me... sorry, there's just to many stronger artists out there to rate this anything more than a 3/10 www.ffgraffiti.com Never Forge What You Shouldn't Remember....
  3. This truely captivates the mind with it's mysterious tones and some how mystical beats. Chrono Trigger did a incredible job with this song, and Rimco did it even better. Very nicely done... www.ffgraffiti.com
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