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  1. I guess I'm committing heresy for saying this, but I wasn't as sold on this song the first time I listened to it and was thiiiisss close to deleting it. But after not being able to sleep and having the tune stuck in my head, I just had to give it a few more listens and am now sold on it. While it's not a 5 Star song like his 'Cammy's London Drizzle', 'IceCapped', or 'Liquid Mario' (of course, very little is), this is clearly a great tune. It doesn't immediately capture attention like much of McVaffe's other productions, but is very emotional and emotion-evoking nonetheless. It won't make you w
  2. I didn't play MM6 until after I downloaded this song, so I never heard the Flame Man theme, which I think is great. I think it's a solid mix, but I only wish you gave the main riff (or whatever the one that comes in for the first time at :43 is) a lot more punch or perhaps made the intro to it a bit more dramatic. It sounded a ltitle flat to do it proper justice, to me. If someone is planning on doing another version of this theme, I think something cinematic and less 'techno' would work very well with that main riff.
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