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  1. this is the second version of my perfect dark remix, it's a bit long but i sped up the tempo and swapped out some vsts and effects. https://soundcloud.com/jay-howard-4/pd-project-v2
  2. https://soundcloud.com/jay-howard-4/pd-project the original went poof for some reason so here's a re-post. any body with suggestions feel free to speak up the track is meant to be a darker more ambient adaptation of the original, i felt the menu theme in PD was a bit too fast, you know being a menu theme and all lol. I sent this to some of buds and they said it fit perfectly with dungeon crawling which in the espionage centered setting of Perfect Dark i think gels pretty good
  3. https://soundcloud.com/jay-howard-4/pd-project-wip i've always wanted to remix this song, loved it as a kid and didn't want to do a metal cover like everybody else lol. no idea what to call it, my roommate said it fit perfectly with a dungeon he was exploring in Legacy of Kain 2. As far as the instruments used i used poizone, sytrus and i think biohazard.
  4. hey i searched up the host sites you posted, tindeck doesn't actually host anymore it redirects you to another site, any other hosting sites i could use? sound cloud accused me of copyrighting Vegas by vandalism but if you listen to that song it obviously has no similarities at all with a perfect dark remix.
  5. hey furilas i saw your interested in pitching in with a project of mine, you got any time this friday or next week?

  6. that sounds awesome actually. i've been meaning to get an industrial remix of the perfect dark themes (main menu, pelagic II) if you got samples that'd be awesome!
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