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  1. Ah, the password was retrieved and I didn't have to enter an answer to a question I wouldn't understand... Uploaded... Happy it's not the only entry... I wouldn't have let it participate if it was the only entry either
  2. Quite late... Can't quite see I met the deadline and am quite in a hurry... Forgot my Thasouce credentials so here is just a link for someone to please upload it Used one MSX turbo R with a MIDI PAC to play my tracked notes one by one track to my synths (Roland Fantom XR and Roland JV 1080 + vocal board). Played my bass guitar for the bass line (never did that before as I'm quite a novice at that). Multi tracked it in Vegas. Have fun listening to it... Meits
  3. I'm also taking the lead first because that's easier to pinpoint... Low notes are harder to pick than the higher ones... When the lead is found out, the bass is easy to find... Working on a rendition of this track, again on the pre-historic way: On my MSX, connected to some synths, recording each track seperately and mixing them in a multi tracker... Choosing instruments is a bit hard since I've to keep the whole track and instrumentselection in my head... Can't just probe around since I've to record first... Sometimes a found instrument sounds great when recording, but when adding it to the mix it sounds horrible... Another 10 minutes of my life lost
  4. Hi... It turned out that there are two false notes in the original track... These seem to be masked by the choice of instruments... My headphones didn't really pick them up that clear, but my speakers did... Since I've already submitted the entry there's not that much I can do about it anymore, so I've peace with it... The way I "composed" this one was using a custom MIDI hack of a WAVE tracker for MSX'es Moonsound... Unfortunately this program still turns out to be unreliable concerning tempo stability (I had to do a little stretching in this one)... When I wanted to record a corrected version of the track with the false notes it ran totally out of sync... So I won't use this combo again... Ever... Pity I used it this time, hoping my onechipMSX would keep the speed balanced playing it on a higher clock frequency... I'm what you call an old school tracker... I started to use this tracked on its release in the early nineties and never had the urge to find a better tracker, especially not on pc... There are some ways to use my synthesizers with that tracker, but they're quite labor sensitive Have a good one with this compo... Looking forward to the other Illusion City entries...