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  1. Hey thank you so much! That choir is indeed sampled using these libraries layered together: Soundiron - Voices of Gaia (Francesca soloist) Soundiron - Venus Symphonic Women's Choir Strezov Sampling - Jade Ethnic Orchestra (Longsong Mongolian Quartet)
  2. Thanks! I have been lurking for a long while and decided now was the time to contribute. I just now changed the main post, as I decided to wait a couple days just to make sure I understood the guidelines for the submission process. I added a link to the original track "Lost Woods" on YouTube, and a download link via Google Drive. Glad you like it!
  3. This is a remix of "Lost Woods" from The Legend of Zelda. It's definitely not uncharted territory, but I've had this style in mind for ages now and just had to get it out. It uses a lot of instruments from around the world, featuring primarily African instruments (Kora, Ngoni, Bolon, Fula Flute, Kalimba, Calabash) and some Andean instruments (Pan Flute, Charango, Ocarina). An Irish Low Whistle doubles the melody at parts. Original: "Lost Woods (Saria's Song)" by Koji Kondo, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Made with Logic Pro X. Samples running through Native-Instruments Kontakt 6, Best Service ENGINE, and Orchestral Tool's SINE Player. The background photo is made by UndyingNephalim, featuring his re-design of Saria for his Zelda-inspired RTS game mod, Hyrule Conquest (based on the free game 0 AD). Download via Google Drive (OGG, WAV, MP4)
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