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  1. Hi Remixer, I have submitted my orchestral arrangement of the song "Opposing Wills" from the game "Postknight 2". I did that arrangement with Latomarques (new on this forum) I'm wondering if it will be good enough to be accepted by OC Remix. I'm open to your constructive feedback. (It take me 10 days, 3 - 4hours per days to make it) I hope you will like it anyway. Thanks for your time and your feedback. Back (From Neverback Music) Postnight 2 - Opposing Fates (Arranged by Neverback Music & Latomarques).mp3
  2. In November 2021, the fifth game in the "Shin Megami Tensei" series was released on the Nintendo Switch. I am a big fan of this series, so I could not pass by this wonderful game and its great soundtrack! A DnB remix of Shinagawa theme, where I tried to recreate the original instruments and atmosphere - and to be honest, it wasn't easy. I hope you appreciate it. And if you haven't played this game yet, I highly recommend it. I've beaten this game three times already
  3. Source: This is the track from the final dungeon of Lufia 2 Remix: Docjekyll - Shrine of Twisted Shadows Comments: This is a trance take on one of the most moody tracks from the venerable Lufia 2 OST. I kept it fairly compact for a trance track. The source material is fairly apparent throughout, but here are some details: 0:14 - introduce recognizable pattern from source 0:27 - introduce plucked chord pattern, loosely based on pulsing chords from source; also arpeggio from source running in the background 0:42 - hint at source melody with bell + breathy synth 1:15 - reveal source melody and start buildup to first climax 2:12 - first climax 2:55 - back to introductory pattern, with a few changes to release tension 3:27 - melody again but with a more in-your-face synth lead 3:56 - final buildup 4:03 - climax with gated square synth lead, a bit closer to source than the first time around Feedback Requested: overall impressions and quality - Would you submit this to OCR in this state? structure - I originally was planning on a much longer track (maybe 7-8 minutes?) more like a 90s trance song, with slower buildup and more gradual, subtle layering of instruments. But then I decided for a remix it should probably put the source material on display more quickly, so I threw subtlety out the window and made a much faster buildup and release. What do you think about that choice? instrumentation and mixing - I like using in-your-face synth sounds and booming, resonant bass + kick but I'm always worried that others will find it overly grating. Does this track manage a palatable balance?
  4. Hey HAPPY MAR10 DAY Here's my first post on OC Remix. Let's hope it works out. This is a recording of a live performance on my keyboard, made for celebrate Mario Day. I thought i might as well post it here. What do you think?
  5. It's been over a decade now since my first (unsuccessful) submission, so I thought it could be worth a retry with one of my more recent live improvisations, which might be a bit...uhmmm...unconventional. Meanwhile, I've dug deep into the world of pipe organs as an autodidact, with many lessons learned already and even more to still learn -- but decide for yourself as you take a listen. Hope you'll enjoy! Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" Name of arrangement: "Temple Of Time: Chant & Carillon" Name of individual song(s) arranged: "Temple of Time" Link to OST: https://fi.zophar.net/soundfiles/nintendo-64-usf/legend-of-zelda-the-ocarina-of-time/44%20Temple%20of%20Time.mp3 Download Links Submission audio (FLAC 2.0ch 16bit 44.1kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/Q90hnnkQBOVdSipq Original recording master (FLAC 7.1ch 16bit 48kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/9vnNo0P0MQShcRBN VOD illustration: https://youtu.be/u4MjElSvRVI Additional Comments Following my childhood dream and fascination for pipe organs, to become a self-taught pipe organist with a focus on VGM and movie soundtracks was an unevitable destiny with regards to my hobby and passion. Thus, the live improvisation on one of TLoZ:OoT's most notable themes is somewhat a milestone for me, as I was able to put that big cathedral grandeur and acoustics into a piece that would be more than fitting as an OST for the place where the game actually placed the original. In fact, "Temple of Time: Chant & Carillon" consists of two interwoven movements, namely the chant portion in the first half (resembling an "accompaniment" to the vocals heard in the OST) and the carillon section, which refers to a "carillon piece" in the context of pipe organ music; these try to imitate the ringing of church bells through fast arpeggiated chords while the main melody is often played with the left hand on another manual or with even the feet using the pedals, featuring a different registration (= timbre). The piece itself features almost the full dynamic range of the organ with a more or less linear increase, reaching its first culmination point at a striking dissonant chord around 6:10, before it enters the finale section which eventually utilises "full organ" (= all stops activated) for the final chords cadence (hope you'll own a decent LFE to enjoy the frequencies around ~16Hz). Just like many of my other creations, this has been played live at home using a three-manual DIY organ console with Milan Digital Audio's "Hauptwerk" as the software backbone and features MDA's "1903 Notre Dame de Metz" sample set being mapped to four different speaker pairs. The "audio artifacts" you might notice, such as key attacks, blower noise and some hizz from certain pipe ranks are indeed intended to be present in the final recording and are both a sign of realism and paying attention to the details when the sample set was recorded as well as they're vital for the authenticity of the piece's final recording. It should be noted that this exact recording -- like pretty much all of my music -- is a unique on-the-fly improvisation, which means that it cannot be revised or otherwise be "polished" in any way, not even for a resubmission attempt. Be sure to watch the VOD if you'd like to see the pictures that I had in mind when I improvised this (and for some nice goosebumps during the final measures -- at least I hope so).
  6. This is my final round entry from the Final Fantasy Crystal Clash tournament. It's a dreamy major-key affair with a noisy beat. The mixing may be a bit washed-out and cluttered, I kinda like the mass of sound thing but I might just be able to hear everything clearly enough because I know what's in there, that might not be the case for the listener, so feedback on the mixing is especially appreciated! Looking to get this posted. final candidate one (2022-02-19): https://www.dropbox.com/s/opbhtwwoans6c4g/eino_keskitalo_-_sovitus-20220219.mp3?dl=0 --- update: WIP 2015/03/13 I've lessened the clutter a bit in the arrangement, especially purging/varying a little bit of the drumming. Nothing drastic. -- old: I know I'm going to work on the percussion, to vary it up a bit more, give it some breathing space and I recall I wanted to mix something a little more quiet, the snares or something. WIP: 2015-02-17 Here's the source breakdown (outdated). The long intro: 0:00-0:07 no source anywhere 0:07-0:24 The descending pizzicato from Lulu's theme (from the start) is there on the violin to the right, adjusted to major key.. if you'll accept that 0:24-0:41 Pizzicato continues; Lenna's bells from 0:00-0:10 on the chippy synth to the left 0:41-0:50 Pizzicato First "verse" 0:51-1:24 Lenna's bells + melody (on the fake guitar, different rhythm) from 0:06-0:28. Second "verse": 1:25-2:00 Bits of Lenna's bells (1:25-1:27, 1:34-1:36, 1:43-1:44, 1:52-1:53) Bits of Lenna's melody (1:25-1:27 from 0:30-0:31, 1:28-1:38 from 0:30-0:38 (as if a lower harmony), 1:44-1:47 (0:18-0:20), 1:48-1:51 (0:21-0:24), 1:52-1:55 and 1:56-2:00 are derived from 0:24-0:30 but different, I guess. From Lulu, the melloflute melody 0:14-0:25 adjusted to key (& rhythm) at 1:27-1:32 & 1:43-1:49, (0:19-0:25) at 1:37-1:40 and (a further adjusted 0:14-0:19) at 1:56-2:00. These on the organ + chippy synth. I think I need to include that bass thing from Lenna's @ 0:39-0:42! 2:00-2:03 A little break First "chorus": 2:03-2:07 The lead sounds like a hybrid of both bells in Lenna's 0:55-1:01.. I might adjust that to fit the source better. Sounds a bit hyperactive, the source is very pretty and it would give a nice contrast in the piece perhaps? 2:07-2:11 Lulu's melloflute from 0:14-0:19 2:12-2:20 2:12-2:14 and 2:16-2:20 you can hear the higher bell from Lenna's at 0:55-0:58 in the background. 2:21-2:25 The descending pizzicato from Lulu's plays @ 2:21. Third "verse": 2:25-2:59 The Lulu's B-part melody from 1:09-1:34 plays twice I believe. Lenna-bells from 0:06-0:28 on the chippy synth. 3:00-3:01 a little break Second "chorus": 3:02-3:10 The lower bell from Lenna's 0:55-1:06. 3:10-3:36 Variations of the previous bit; the original melody is there in the background. 3:36-3:49 a wind-down.
  7. Hello, following my Heat Man remix I got inspired to try again to extend a short theme for several minutes. This time it’s a remix of the “Underworld” theme from Super Mario Bros. 2 which loop is only roughly 10 seconds! Some tiny parts of the song are also from the “Bonus Start”, “Success” and “Failure” theme. The composition is finished and most of the instrumentation is done as well. The percussion isn’t finished, there may be places where it is missing or where it feels off. Also, I’ve been working with some voice SFX in this track, they are far from finished and are scattered a little here and there. I haven’t done any balancing, EQ, compression, effects, etc. yet. Mainly I want to get some feedback on the composition, structure, and instrumentation at first. Please let me know what you think about it, looking forward to hearing your feedback! ======== UPDATE (2021-05-07) =================================================================== It’s been a while. I’ve been working a lot on polishing the remix since the last version. I’ve addded sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as some more Toad voice sound effects. I’ve added more impacts, uplifters, downlifters, etc. Made lots of automations. And also added som new instruments. I changed the transition at 0:46 so that the lead continues to play for a full bar before the break starts, also the same at 4:25 before the outro. I tried making the first break starting at 0:46 longer but I didn’t like the result so I kept it short. Next I will continue the mixing phase focusing more on EQ, compression, effects, etc. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! ======== UPDATE (2021-11-21) =================================================================== Hello! The remix is almost finished I think! I would appreciate to get some feedback before I submit it. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! V2: https://soundcloud.com/unresolved-external/super-mario-bros-2-underworld-remix-v4/s-neCS4ywft4t?si=c3965a02a86c431283fd0b7aee1f4e2b V1: https://soundcloud.com/unresolved-external/super-mario-bros-2-underworld-remix-v2/s-AKJqJSWTJdv
  8. Hi guys. Here's another song from me, Mirasol and Anton Platonov. This is a VGM cover (or remix, whatever) in DnB Rock style, inspired by Area C music theme from the Famicom game "Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain". I hope you will like it! Peace!
  9. Updated it. Should be cleaner. Also submitted to Panel. Wish me luck.
  10. Hello everyone! Just sharing my latest remix Let me know what you think!
  11. Many will agree with me that this is the best theme out of LoZ: Twilight Princess. Sadness, urgency, mystery. These are the things that make the original theme so good. My goal here was to keep those elements but also draw from my influences to my own spin on it. You'll hear a lot of Ocarina of Time in here.. and some Chrono Trigger.
  12. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/YvRuF Verse 1: I'm hopin' for somethin' to say. To set you off, let you know, now look the other way So don't push your luck with me friend I'm one step away from letting you know how to offend Chorus: I'm just a cowboy, tryna' wrangle my pride i'm just a loud man, whose got something to hide I'm just a coward, keep my eyes off the Lord Lookin' for power, so I can't be ignored Verse 2: I'm hopin' for somethin' to say To let you know, I'm afraid, don't look the other way But if you want me to be your friend Then look me in the eyes again Chorus Bridge: One breath, one time Hold me back from the line (x2) Let me say what I need to say I don't think that I'll need much more I don't believe in fate I don't believe that love Can erase what he said in James 4 It's says that you will resist those who are proud Well you can't resist me friend And all this hope that I feel Yah it's in the sound And I'm thinkin' that you'll like the end. Verse 1 Chorus
  13. How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Here's my new track - breakbeat\bigbeat remix of "Shin Megami Tensei" OST. A classic "Kichijoji" Theme (and partly "Dream" Theme) from the very first part of "Shin Megami Tensei" game on Super Famicom. However, this theme has appeared in subsequent games in the series in one form or another - for example, "Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne", where it was called "Puzzle Boy". I hope you like it! Thanks and have a nice day!
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_VsUAV2W8v3XAUaYAEMkxf9wh_sb_hTi/view?usp=sharing updated 6/26/21 I actually started this awhile ago but never really did anything with it. I guess recently I had some new ideas that came to fruition and I can finally post the first part for feedback. I know the second part will just be the first part but with a more aggressive vibe but I'm unsure how the whole thing will go after that. Hopefully I can do something interesting haha. Edit: I am once again, asking for your review support lol.
  15. It's been done to death, but here's one more arrangement to add to the pile of Terra's theme remixes. It's almost done and currently I only plan on very minor revisions, mainly some small issues in the brass and the ornaments of the irish flute in the beginning. I'd be glad for any feedback though. Note that the strings are positioned in German seating, so from left to right it's Violins 1, Chellos, Violas, Violins 2, and with Basses on the left behind Violins 1. All other sections are close to where you would usually expect them. The arrangement is as strightforward as it could be so it probably doesn't qualify for the level of transformative work required by the OCR standards, but I'll probably still give it a shot. Edit: Updated to final version. 20210509.ogg
  16. Sup guys. Here's a new remix (or cover?) of 1st Stage Theme from "Journey to Silius" by me and Mirasol. This time - with original lyrics and original video! I hope you like it! Thanks and have a nice day!
  17. Hi Everyone, Been a while since I visited all of you. I got really busy in life got married and etc. What I want to know out of this track, is the general feeling of it and especially the guitar mastering. I already made a lot of electronic tracks. But included guitars, I never made a really good one. (Except some collab, but it wasn't me playing and EQing guitars). It's a DnB type of track heavily influenced by Pendulum, Tantrum desires and Infected Mushroom. I also want to keep this track as a surprise to OCremix community. What do you think of it? Any tip on guitar or EQ on overall mix? (Be careful it's loud. Even if the intro is soft.) (The song is a request from my wife)(She also already listened to it and I could see her head bobing on the rhythm) Remix: Submitted Source:
  18. Hey everyone, I'm excited to share my new orchestral pokemon cover with you. I originally wanted it to capture the winter-feel of the Sinnoh region. Let me know what you think. I'm especially thankful for thoughts on the mixing.
  19. Hello! I'm a long time fan but I finally got the gumption to join the forums and submit something haha. I mostly dabble in more orchestral kind of music but I wanted to try something different with more hybrid sounds. I guess to me this track is mostly done but I feel like it is missing something or maybe isn't liberal or daring enough to really submit. Any feedback that you can provide would be great! Current Edit: Finally have reached a point of completion in which I feel ready for a review. Thank you so much everyone for your support as I've gone step by step through the uhh..process haha. Any help you or the mods can provide or just feedback would be so appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hZgXfRJiPTE2IllhEbNEOTqGkYNHIr5h/view?usp=sharing
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