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  1. Sort of at wits end with this one. Been that way for a year or so now. Tried to expand on it in a few ways but every time I do, I make it worse (in my mind) in one way or another. As a piece for me, the artist I'm actually fine with that. Not everything has to be... transformative. But as a ReMixer, I wish I had more so I could give this a puncher's chance for submission. Anyway, I think absent any new ideas, I'm ready to send it along it's way to the judges and let my journey with this song end. But before then I figure why not get another voice or two to help. PS: I promise to one day stop doing so many FFVIII tracks ? Edit: one thing I hadn't considered is possibly crossing it with another track to give it more length/development from an outside source https://youtu.be/1qnRrBmy9zU?si=eRwaG9qeiZWC5dQm
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F1e5AWC7-tjQaf9tZcr0smOKCngdDrjv/view?usp=sharing I've always loved Mario Kart 64 and specifically the Frappe Snowland music, but I always thought it would work better for a beach level. So I made it into a tropical house track featuring my man Toad on vox. Yahoo! Edit: Got rid of louder flute-y sound on certain chord hits, which turned out to be weird harmonic resonance from the struck piano instrument I used. Put a different drum pattern in the Bass/Violin solo and dialed back the release of the violins to add clarity. Also peppered some drum fills throughout for interest. Thanks for the feedback, @Hemophiliac!
  3. After my first OCR rejection I finally got the gumption to get up and back on the keys lol. I dunno why this song but it felt right and I had some fun ideas. Probably gonna extend the beginning maybe twice as long and then go into the little surprise in the middle but we will see. At some point it kinda just cuts out most of the instruments and thats where I stopped. I guess we will see where the road takes me this time! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQujqMGaY04r-7QzLJSrvA8jAEwPb1i5/view?usp=sharing Edit: Current version below
  4. I've been producing music for quite a couple of years, but until recently, I never really cared to share it. After my father passed away last year, I could not make music anymore, until last week, when something unlocked. I dedicate this track to him. Production standards are high on OCRemix, and I don't know if this is considered good or not, I tried to make this spin on a classic song a fun listen. But I am looking for any sort of actionable feedback so I can improve as a musician and producer. Thank you.
  5. Here is an acoustic arrangement of “Aurora” and “Down to a Dusty Plain” from the game “Child of Light” composed by Cœur de Pirate. https://soundcloud.com/bluelighter0085/child-of-light-to-the-sky-and-the-stars-aurora?si=6f2b9184213c451abea56addfcf01473&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing I’m grateful to all artists who have collaborated with me. Credits: Bluelighter: arrangement, mixing, piano @Bowlerhat : flute @Dewey Newt : trombone @MooglePower : acoustic Guitar, acoustic bass, hand drum (bendir) Original songs : Aurora : Down to a Dusty Plain :
  6. https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-04-Free/25-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Cory Johnson%2C ImAFutureGuitarHero%2C Brandon Harnish%2C ThisIsJayC-Chrono Trigger-Tyrano's Stash-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Source Breakdown: 0:00 - 1:00 - Intro from Source 1:01 - 1:41 - A section from Source 1:42 - 2:26 - B Section from Source 2:27 - 3:04 - C Section 3:05 - 3:24 - Combo of sources 3:25 - 4:12 - Chords from Intro, mostly original. 4:13 - 4:41 - Intro from Source motif returned; outro Contributors: Lucas Guimaraes - Arrangement, Saxophones ImAFutureGuitarHero - Bass, Drums, Auxillary Percussion Cory Johnson - Guitars Brandon L. Harnish - Sousaphone ThisIsJayC - Mix Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review!
  7. I was kinda surprised I never made a thread for this. That or my eyesight is going faster than I thought haha. Anyway, I posted this to my YT channel awhile ago but decided I wanted to make it a full remix. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B9EDR11_BR6nPnTZo01WXe036wcWe68I/view?usp=drivesdk Nowhere near done yet. The transition is an outline and so is the beginning of the second half. Mostly I'm trying to find a way to really blow the roof off that transition but haven't had time to experiment enough. But definitely am digging sort of flipping the tonality both chordally using the bass guitar and adding a serious dark militant vibe to it. Main theme is sort of light and shadow. Sort of similar to my first ocremix I guess. Anyway, I'll post more when I get to it. Edit: New review post at the bottom. Probably very close to the finished product.
  8. This is another attempt at this tune. My computer died, so I arranged it on Caustic 3 on my phone, and by the time I got done with it, my PC was back up and running, and I did a final pass on it. I tried to take the judges' feedback into consideration, and I believe this take is less dense, I changed the percussion a bit (the high hats..I eliminated the closed hats, because when I tried using varying samples, it sounded like paper clips going at it in a pop can), and I used a loudness meter to try to get it at -14 LUFS. Doing that left a bit of headroom, and it seems soft....perhaps others will be able to tell me if that is so. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1snZRLPQfAVf2hp9aSCpZldtlNI06dGJd/view?usp=share_link
  9. Saxophone Quartet! Track: https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-03-Spinoffs/08-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Charles Ritz%2C Jess Destramp%2C Thomas Kresge%2C Daniel Caton-Final Fantasy Tactics-A Chronicle of Ivalice-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EZAkmJNGteO9CLOF74O6JhNShvK2QKf9/view?usp=drivesdk This is in the early early stages. Like maybe 5% or so done but I wanted to post it as proof of concept I guess on my direction before I really dig into it with all the other instruments and verses to come promise more updates in the future!
  11. ======== UPDATE (2022-11-07) =================================================================== Hello! After quite a break I returned to finish this remix! I would appreciate to get some feedback before considering submitting it. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Timestamps: ("Part 1" = elements from 0:38-1:30 in the original) ("Part 2" = elements from 1:30-2:47 in the original) 0:00-2:05 - Intro, elements from “Part 2”. 2:05-3:29 - Break and build-up, elements from “Part 2”. 3:29-3:43 - Transition into “Part 1”. 3:43-4:39 - “Chorus”, elements from “Part 1”. 4:39-4:45 - Mini-break, using elements from 1:25-1:30 in the original. 4:45-5:13 - Transition back into “Part 2”. 5:13-5:54 - Break and build-up, elements from "Part 2". 5:54-6:22 - “Chorus”, elements from “Part 1”. 6:22-6:28 - Mini-break, using elements from 1:25-1:30 in the original. 6:28-6:42 - Transition back into “Part 2”. 6:42-7:03 - Outro. ======== ORIGINAL POST =================================================================== Hello! I've always loved this song, especially “Part 2”, the more relaxing segment (1:30-2:47 in the original), and also those chords at the beginning of the song (starts at 0:38 in the original), do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do… I like trance music, and got an idea on how this song could fit well as a trance remix. The composition is finished and most of the instrumentation is done as well. I haven’t done any balancing, EQ, compression, effects, etc. yet. Mainly I want to get some feedback on the composition, structure, and instrumentation at first. Please let me know what you think about it, looking forward to hearing your feedback! Old Version: https://soundcloud.com/unresolved-external/dkc-dk-island-swing-remix_v1/s-qv67tav24la?si=b4d02873e9de49388bf1bf77b1d8e9d8&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  12. Big thanks @Ridley Snipes and @Hemophiliac with helping to make* this banger atmospheric remix come alive! U guys da best~ Source: Sector 4-2 Underwater Area
  13. The Heart Beats with the Rhythm of the Rain - [Mokeke Forest Remix] Dropbox Link ^ I didn’t own this game for years. I would always rent it from Blockbuster time after time, until I eventually beat it. There was something alluring about this game during my childhood years that kept me coming back to it. It was humorous. It had epic robot battles. It had a colorful cast of playable characters and a wicked soundtrack. It all stuck with me. I absolutely cherish this game for it’s influence on me musically. From my years perusing the internet, I have found a commonality amongst those who appreciate this game: The Mokeke Forest music has the ability to put a millennial at ease. I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen a comment on the reuploads of the OST that say “This song relaxes me when I feel overwhelmed”, or “This is nostalgia in it’s purest form”. The truth is that there is something magical about this song. The N64 Goemon games blend Japanese fold music with funk, jazz and rock and simply cannot go unrecognized. In this particular level, you can take the clear and apparent path to reach the Entry Pass, or you can wade through the waters and wait at a bus stop hidden deep within the forest and be transported to the mystical Tengu Village. It was one of the first experiences I had with a game involving a lore-enhancing “secret”, and for that reason it really sticks with me. I wanted to preserve the traditional Eastern vibe of this song, while creating a new listening experience. I let the melody lead me into new directions and eventually I ended up with what I can only call a “journey”. I mean this sincerely. The track starts of sedated and calm, but builds into a grandiose modernized interpretation of the source material. It just happened organically, and I can’t effectively explain it. I think that’s why I am so proud of it. I just let little old me from 1999 lead the way. I imagined myself deep in the forest, and searching for a way out. Did I take to clear path or the road less traveled? The answer is “yes”, as cliché as that sounds. Please enjoy our adventure through Mokeke Forest.
  14. Original: Rearrangement: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ven7lnd920h8xx/eino_keskitalo_-_bitter_sweets-20221123-rc2.mp3?dl=0 Older versions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kankncj3jyypjkd/eino_keskitalo_-_bitter_sweets-20220415-rc1.mp3?dl=0 This one started way back in 2012, during People's Remix Competition round 210. https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC210 I decided that hey, this is actually finished, with just a bit of polish. I was thinking of extending it, but it sounded rounded out enough to me now. It's a bit short, but if you like it, you can simply listen to it again!
  15. Hello guys! Just want to show you my arranged version of "Space Harrier Main Theme", the outstanding work of art of Hiro. I'm calling this "Space Harrier Main BGM CFX". I mainly use my Korg Triton classic to play every part and most of the instruments. I used one or two extra instruments from my Soundblaster AWE32 collection of SoundFonts (to this day I use Soundblaster with SF2 hardware support, love it since the 90s!). I play and perform every part on MIDI sequencer, I use PowerTracks Pro since 1992 to this day. Hope you guys enjoy my arranged version! On YouTube, with a nice video, trust me! On SoundCloud:
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ANhsfBOceY_ZcAMzc6bSl2GDTMRHAiBk/view?usp=drivesdk updated 10/9/22 I actually started this awhile ago but never really did anything with it. I guess recently I had some new ideas that came to fruition and I can finally post the first part for feedback. I know the second part will just be the first part but with a more aggressive vibe but I'm unsure how the whole thing will go after that. Hopefully I can do something interesting haha. Edit: This was asked for resubmission earlier this year by the judges. After some time and thought I finally took back to it and it's almost ready. Asking for a new review before I send it back.
  17. ======== UPDATE (2022-08-13) =================================================================== Hello again! I submitted this remix, unfortunately, it didn't pass. However, the judges enjoyed the idea for the track. Their main critique was that most of the time it was hard to distinguish the source material, and also that there was a lot of competition and muddiness. So with that in mind, I revisited the track and did a lot of changes: Made the bassline in the intro a lot simpler. Added "fillers" with the source material’s lead at several sections of the song. At 1:40, changed the "tropical" lead to having mostly the same notes as the source lead (in the previous version it played at double speed and had a lot of variation) Removed a lot of backing instruments / percussion that only took up space and wasn't barely audible anyway. Overal, went through all leads and stuff and made them more similar to the original. Removed the extended outro and replaced it with the "lost life" tune, very short. Please let me know what you think about this new version, looking forward to hearing your feedback!! ======== UPDATE (2021-11-21) =================================================================== Hello! The remix is almost finished I think! I would appreciate to get some feedback before I submit it. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Previous version: https://soundcloud.com/unresolved-external/super-mario-bros-2-underworld-remix-v5/s-r11GZRyF0Qw?si=8067fe5535f24fb2a9c27a1b513f06d1&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing ======== UPDATE (2021-05-07) =================================================================== It’s been a while. I’ve been working a lot on polishing the remix since the last version. I’ve addded sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as some more Toad voice sound effects. I’ve added more impacts, uplifters, downlifters, etc. Made lots of automations. And also added som new instruments. I changed the transition at 0:46 so that the lead continues to play for a full bar before the break starts, also the same at 4:25 before the outro. I tried making the first break starting at 0:46 longer but I didn’t like the result so I kept it short. Next I will continue the mixing phase focusing more on EQ, compression, effects, etc. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! ======== ORIGINAL POST =================================================================== Hello, following my Heat Man remix I got inspired to try again to extend a short theme for several minutes. This time it’s a remix of the “Underworld” theme from Super Mario Bros. 2 which loop is only roughly 10 seconds! Some tiny parts of the song are also from the “Bonus Start”, “Success” and “Failure” theme. The composition is finished and most of the instrumentation is done as well. The percussion isn’t finished, there may be places where it is missing or where it feels off. Also, I’ve been working with some voice SFX in this track, they are far from finished and are scattered a little here and there. I haven’t done any balancing, EQ, compression, effects, etc. yet. Mainly I want to get some feedback on the composition, structure, and instrumentation at first. Please let me know what you think about it, looking forward to hearing your feedback!
  18. Hey guys! First time posting here. Just thought I'd share a remix of some Star Fox music, particularly from the first level, "Corneria". Hope you guys enjoy it, and was hoping to get some feedback! Thanks. ❤️ /michael
  19. Someone mentioned this track at some point in the discord and it stuck in my head and I love it a billion, so I've been working on a remix. There's two versions of the track that I've seen online. Having never played the game, I represented them both. Originals in their various versions: Here's my remix: Enjoy, and lemme know if I should submit it as is or not.
  20. An arrangement of "To Zanarkand" for piano trio (piano, violin and cello) titled "Yuna at Zanarkand, Her Mind on Lost Friends". It was a lot of fun and a great exercise to bounce the melodies between the different instruments to give them all their spotlights. Spinning counterpoints from previous melody snippets is such a great cheat. All instruments are modeled (i.e. synthesized on the fly) and don't use samples. It's amazing not having to fight them to get them to do what I want or wrestle with sampling limitations and inconsistencies. The downside is that you have to explicitely tell them what to do in excruciating detail. Update (16.06.22): Changed the attachment to the current WIP. The second part is done, so at least all notes are put down. Now to the ardous task of humanization... Update (30.06.22): Updated to somewhat final version and decided on the title. The realism can probably improved a bit more, but for now I'm out of ideas. I'll let it sit for a few days to listen to it again with fresh ears, but I think the mix should be fine. Update (10.07.22): Some finishing touches here and there. Ready for review! Update (25.07.22): Updated with the submitted version. Original song: 20220723.mp3
  21. https://youtu.be/6U0ZfFu6pxE Even though I never played Silent Hill 2 when it first came out, its evocative soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka stood alongside albums by such artists as Portishead, Massive Attack, and Aphex Twin in my rotation of brooding, atmospheric music I loved as a teenager. Years later, the now infamous P.T., a "playable teaser" for the cancelled Hideo Kojima reboot Silent Hills quickly became one of my favorite video games of all time (and definitely the scariest piece of media — movie, game, book, or otherwise — I've ever experienced). After finally getting my hands on a copy of Silent Hill 2 to play, I figured it would be fun to take a crack at remixing the ambient track "White Noiz" with a heavy, trip hop-/lofi-inspired beat while also adding in elements of the score and sound effects from P.T. This remix was composed, edited, mixed, and mastered using Studio One 4 and Reason 11, utilizing heavy use of the plugin "Shaperbox 2" developed by Cableguys. Hope you enjoy!
  22. Here is a piano arrangement of Underwater Ruins (composed by J. Nakano) and No Hopes, No Dreams (composed by N. Uematsu) Enjoy !
  23. It's been over a decade now since my first (unsuccessful) submission, so I thought it could be worth a retry with one of my more recent live improvisations, which might be a bit...uhmmm...unconventional. Meanwhile, I've dug deep into the world of pipe organs as an autodidact, with many lessons learned already and even more to still learn -- but decide for yourself as you take a listen. Hope you'll enjoy! Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" Name of arrangement: "Temple Of Time: Chant & Carillon" Name of individual song(s) arranged: "Temple of Time" Link to OST: https://fi.zophar.net/soundfiles/nintendo-64-usf/legend-of-zelda-the-ocarina-of-time/44%20Temple%20of%20Time.mp3 Download Links Submission audio (FLAC 2.0ch 16bit 44.1kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/Q90hnnkQBOVdSipq Original recording master (FLAC 7.1ch 16bit 48kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/9vnNo0P0MQShcRBN VOD illustration: https://youtu.be/u4MjElSvRVI Additional Comments Following my childhood dream and fascination for pipe organs, to become a self-taught pipe organist with a focus on VGM and movie soundtracks was an unevitable destiny with regards to my hobby and passion. Thus, the live improvisation on one of TLoZ:OoT's most notable themes is somewhat a milestone for me, as I was able to put that big cathedral grandeur and acoustics into a piece that would be more than fitting as an OST for the place where the game actually placed the original. In fact, "Temple of Time: Chant & Carillon" consists of two interwoven movements, namely the chant portion in the first half (resembling an "accompaniment" to the vocals heard in the OST) and the carillon section, which refers to a "carillon piece" in the context of pipe organ music; these try to imitate the ringing of church bells through fast arpeggiated chords while the main melody is often played with the left hand on another manual or with even the feet using the pedals, featuring a different registration (= timbre). The piece itself features almost the full dynamic range of the organ with a more or less linear increase, reaching its first culmination point at a striking dissonant chord around 6:10, before it enters the finale section which eventually utilises "full organ" (= all stops activated) for the final chords cadence (hope you'll own a decent LFE to enjoy the frequencies around ~16Hz). Just like many of my other creations, this has been played live at home using a three-manual DIY organ console with Milan Digital Audio's "Hauptwerk" as the software backbone and features MDA's "1903 Notre Dame de Metz" sample set being mapped to four different speaker pairs. The "audio artifacts" you might notice, such as key attacks, blower noise and some hizz from certain pipe ranks are indeed intended to be present in the final recording and are both a sign of realism and paying attention to the details when the sample set was recorded as well as they're vital for the authenticity of the piece's final recording. It should be noted that this exact recording -- like pretty much all of my music -- is a unique on-the-fly improvisation, which means that it cannot be revised or otherwise be "polished" in any way, not even for a resubmission attempt. Be sure to watch the VOD if you'd like to see the pictures that I had in mind when I improvised this (and for some nice goosebumps during the final measures -- at least I hope so).
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