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    Hey guys! I'm Rusti Majere, singer/songwriter/frontman of Flameing Daeth Fearies, a fun and upbeat nerd rock band!
    I love video games and VGM, and I've been playing music from games as well as rock music for 23 years. Feel free to ask any questions!
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    Rusti Majere
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    Professional Musician
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
    Vocals: Male
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  1. Hey hey, Liontamer! I appreciate you getting back with me very much! I didn't wanna cause a fuss or anything; I just read in my submission acceptance email that I should check back if I hadn't heard anything in around 7 months or so. Thanks again!
  2. I was wondering who I should contact if I believe my submission may have gotten lost in the shuffle. The email said to contact a judge, but not necessarily which judge I should contact. I submitted a professionally mixed and mastered song around November last year, and I never saw it on any of the Judge's Decision's forums at all. Thanks in advance for any help.
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