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  1. I found it quite cohesive even considering that there are 4 themes in there. Sadly I dont remember so good any of them except Zoras domain. Maybe the beginning is a little bit too chiptune? Later mixed with the pads and the "real instruments" sounds nicer for me.
  2. I really enjoyed this ReMix. I like this theme a lot but normally what I find in different arrangements is that they insist in this urgence theme inherent in the game and it doesn't allow me to relax to the music. However in this ReMix I can just sit, close my eyes and listen in peace. By the way, why didn't you try to do a mod review before submitting the track? I've seen it can be really useful to have an idea of what the judge would expect from a ReMix. Anyways, I wish you good luck!
  3. Hello! I suppose this is a basic question but it is somehow not totally clear to me and I ask it just to understand the process a little bit better I was reading the judge panel faq and I found this paragraph: Decisions on submissions forwarded to the panel are reached by a majority of a panel quorum; a vote will be closed after three negative votes or four positive votes. Any decision can be further extended to a majority vote of five at the request of a judge. In addition to his power to veto any submission regardless of the panel's decision, djpretzel may also serve as a tiebreaker during particularly divisive decisions. Does this mean that actually all 7 to 15 judges hear the track and when 3 say no then is over? Or when 4 say yes is also over? Depends then in the order in which the judges hear the track?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I get a better idea with this. I'll try to put something together and then I'll post it in the workshop
  5. Precisely the impression I tried to avoid xD. The thing is if I was reading around the forum and this differences were not clear for me even hearing examples etc. and I thought that if I could connect something I've done with the proper definitions then I could base my next remix (I plan to submit something to the workshops) in something I've already done. If this thread is in anyway against the rules or I'm going too far I don't have any problem in editing my posts and erasing the links.
  6. Cool! Thanks for the answers! I suppose now is much more clear to me what is an OC ReMix. The remaining question for me would be: How much is too far away from original so that is not anymore a ReMix? I did something like an arrangement of a tales of symphonia arrangement. But in my arrengement the notes were a little bit changed. Just for the purpose of really understanding and to be able to prepare something to submit. Would this be ok as an OC ReMix or is it already to far away from the original version? My piece: https://soundcloud.com/danielpellicer/tos_fightingthespirit The original remix: The original piece:
  7. Hello! I'm new and I was reading around that there is actually differences between a remix and a cover and that sometimes the pieces submitted are too far away from the original ones that actually don't fit here in OCR. Could someone tell me the exact differences? What would this be? My piece: https://soundcloud.com/danielpellicer/another-loira-terranigma The original one: (I would like to improve to be able to do as good as the original one! )
  8. Hello! My name is Daniel and I'm new in OC ReMix. I have heard of this community a lot of times and I even have a couple of albums in my computer but until now I was afraid of doing an account and saying hello. I put myself together and managed to write here this message Hello to everyone! A little bit about myself: I studied in the conservatory a little bit of classical music but then left it because I had to study for university. Then I started to compose my own videogame themes using a DAW. It was a lot of fun so I started to do it more often. I like snes music a lot and I'm trying to find the best way to emulate doing some music to it. I also like nes chiptune and I try to do some famitracker tunes with it. I compose for more orchestral things using sonar or mulab. If you want to take a look at what I've done I'll put a link in my profile. Thanks for reading!
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