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    "Hey everyone! Victor here! I can already tell there`s a lot of talent here, and I`m glad to be a part of it. I`ve already taken a listen to many of your original pieces, and it makes me happy to say that i was pleasantly surprised by the overall compositional as well as mixing quality of them all!"

    Well, since this is supposed to be about me, i guess i`ll start off by sharing my interest in music with all of you. When i began composing music, much of my inspiration came from titles such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X. In fact, my sole inspiration to compose music came from Nobuo Uematsu himself, and it was then, back in middle school, that i decided i wanted to compose video game/RPG music. I knew very little about music theory at the time, however, having a good ear helped me in developing an idea as to how i could create proper chord structures as well as progressions. This was back when i only had Finale 2007, and i had no idea that DAW`s such as Cubase, FL Studio or even Logic Pro existed. Fast forwarding into the end of my high school days, i was noticed by a game developer named Isiah Sweeting, who asked me to compose the soundtrack to his Wii U game, "Pub Master Quests, Fragmented Fate". It was 2 years after i had begun working part time at a local grocery store, saving up the money to buy a mac computer, solely for the purpose of getting Logic Pro, so that way i could compose and produce music to the best of my ability. Ever since i got Logic Pro, (which was roughly 1 year after upgrading to FL Studio from Finale 2007, i have been rapidly growing as a video game composer, and continue to grow even more so as the days go by. With repect to the game i`m composing for, Isiah, I, and the rest of the team, are still in the development stage as of today, but we seek to get this game out by late 2015.

    Anyway, if you have any questions about me, or even the game i am currently composing for, please feel free to send a message to my inbox!
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    Musical Composer for IceyGames
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  1. I actually had to add hardly any effects at all. Surprisingly enough, I was only allowed to toy around with a few things. For instance, there are a lot of settings that you can choose from on the ample guitar official plug in, you can even create your own and save them, so infinite possibilities dude. This plug in is very versatile and beautiful sounding. I was only able to use 1 setting, and EQ'd it a bit/ gave it some reverb using my DAW's main mixing tools. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the sound. If you really like this kind of widespread stereo sound, I would also recommend looking into upstereopro. Amazing plug in that makes your pieces breath and they almost automatically become more dynamic. It's only around 30$, and is I'm every way, worth the small cost.
  2. Heres another one of my latest pieces to Pub Master Quests, "Fragmented Fate". Itried to make it sound very melancholic, but warm and peaceful too. enjoy!
  3. Hey thanks for taking a listen. I actually agree with everything you have to say about my piece. I will admit, this actually wasn't my best piece. There are a lot of things I could have done to improve on it, and a lot of things that just can't be changed. I won't say this piece was a dud, but upon further inspection of it, this piece, to me, isn't worth going back in and doing surgery on. I actual have a piece I'm working on right now that is bounds and leaps above this one. Anyway, thanks for taking a listen guys. I'll take note of everything you said!
  4. Here it is guys! Hope you all enjoy! If you think it sounds a bit muddy, let me know. I`ll have a mind to fix that. https://soundcloud.com/victor-37/celestial-attack-looped
  5. Hey all. Heres a new piece ive been working on for a little less than a week. I hope you all enjoy, and any comments, tips, criticisms/ feedback would be greatly appreciated. I want this piece to go a long way, so if you have any mixing tips please tell away. Im all ears. Thank you for listening guys! http://www.mixcloud.com/victor-schmitt/celestial-attack-pmq-final-boss-theme-wip/
  6. Wait you never knew!? Yea I was born and raised in the Bronx. I hate and love it lol.

  7. Hey guys heres a little piece im working on for a character. I hope you all enjoy how its going so far. If you have any pointers on the mix/composition however, im all ears (: https://soundcloud.com/victor-37/holans-theme-wip
  8. I actually used the lite version of the ample guitar. This piece was initially meant as a test to determine if i wanted to buy that guitar sound or not. I`m definitely liking this VST. -Anyway, glad you enjoyed the piece!
  9. Hey I appreciate you taking a look! And I`m glad you liked it! I put a lot of heart into this piece, but i admit there are a lot of things i could do to make it even better. I`ll likely have an updated version for you guys some time in the near future! -Glad to be a part of the community!
  10. you live in the Bronx? Wait how come i didnt know that you live in NYC?!!

  11. I love each and every section of this piece! This is quite the energetic masterpiece! Reminds me of something from Castlevania of Lost Magic! You certainly knew what you were doing when you were composing this piece! Despite the fact that this is an 8 bit, you gave this piece a lot of depth and reverb. Your use of delay is also apparent in this one. Now, that i think about it, i see no fault in this piece. I`d give it a 10/10. Amazing piece!
  12. 1st Piece: I just started listening and i have to admit, i love it already. The synthetic/string atmosphere with the piano playing in the background is really pretty. Nice and mystical sounding, and that low piano note that hits and marks the beginning of that angelic like piano tune, flawless. Beautiful piece man! 2nd Piece: This ones a bit more energetic. I like the eerieness of this one, and that guitar works really well. I`ve still yet to figure out what that one object is, the almost scratching esque sound. Whatever it is, it really helps set the mood! Great piece! 3rd Piece: Youre mixing skills are really great. I love how everything sort of comes in and out of focus. It allows for a staggering amount of depth. The reverb you set in this piece is actually very cave like. Also everything is eq`d really well. As i continue to listen, it becomes exceedingly haunting, and seems to be slowly climaxing. Another great piece! Good stuff man! Looking forward to more!
  13. I`m getting Smash and Wii U for my brother and sister this Christmas, and this gets me super excited to play it with them. Havent played a smash game in too long! Anyway, as for the piece. It sounds like a professional production. I love all of the different sounds and plug ins you used in this. A great combination of sounds that resulted in the development of something even Tekken like. Great piece! I`m looking forward to hearing more by you!
  14. Hey all. At first glance, i can already tell I`m going to like it here. I`ve listened to many of your pieces, and I have to say im pleasantly surprised.There`s a lot of talent, both compositionally and production wise, so i can definitely tell there are going to be people with all sorts of personalities here xD.That being said, I`m excited to exchange ideas, compliments, criticism and advice with everyone here. To start, heres a little piece i just recently finished. Hope you all enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/victor-37/town-theme-halfside-market-3
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