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  1. @Brandon Strader, I need to lighten my workload a little bit. Between moving this summer and a pregnant wife, I'm likely not going to have the time I want for everything on my plate at the moment. I am making some progress on Lunatic Pandora and I am 100% sure I'll be able to provide a completed version of that, however I would like to withdraw from The Salt Flats and allow it to be claimed by anyone else who may be interested. If I end up with more time than I expect to have and it's still free, I'll tackle it (or possibly another track that isn't claimed because I friggin' love FF8). In the meantime, I'd like to focus squarely on L.P. and hit that one out of the park.
  2. This project intrigues me. Thieves Bazaar from Lunar:SSS (which plays in the town of Reza) is one of my all-time favorite tracks and I'd love to try doing my own rendition. I was eventually going to do it anyway, it was just a matter of finding the time to do it. However, I've got a LOT of stuff on my plate as it is right now (probably more than I should have committed to), a move to a new post this summer, and my wife's pregnant. If I can reliably find the time to put together a full-length WIP that shows some promise and you'd like to bring me on board, I obviously wouldn't object.
  3. Thanks, and I do agree. Listening to it, I could've added a little more beat variation or small fills, and I avoided getting overly fancy because I didn't want to draw too much attention from Julia's vocal work. This actually came together in 24 hours, not even joking. We got the idea late Sunday night, did the work and posted it the next day.
  4. Had the wonderful opportunity of collaborating with Julia Henderson, aka PyjamaPantsMusic on a very unique remix of Dark World. I'm not sure if there's enough deviation here for this to receive consideration by the judges, but I feel that we managed to do put together something very special in this collaboration. Hope you all enjoy!
  5. I would be interested in making a track for this. It's a great theme and I have a lot of ideas that I could spitball right now.
  6. Very nice pick. I think I'll try to give this a shot as working with piano-only source opens the door for a lot of possibilities. EDIT: Ugh, not enough time, have some deadlines I need to meet for some other projects and they're coming up quick. Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with.
  7. @djpretzel, I used to think the same thing, but the wide array of Synth Pad and Soundscape presets alone make it extremely useful. I've taken some time to go through and tag my favorite ones for future use. Also, the mutate feature is just absurd. Sometimes when I get writer's block, I'll open Absynth and see what happens with random mutations. It's like a Pandora's Box with no consequences. Sometimes I'll get a cool lead, pad or sound effects. It's not an amazing standalone synth, but it's something that I often find myself coming back to when I need to add some ambient texture underneath a track.
  8. IIRC, the glove pointed at Cloud or whoever the party leader is and it can be toggled on or off to locate him easier, along with the arrows which show where you can go (not necessarily where you NEED to go). It wasn't like FFXIII which literally just points you in the direction of the next objective.
  9. @HoboKa I did some digging for you on the Crossgrade options for Komplete 10. Here's their disclaimer: This crossgrade only works for users of KOMPLETE KONTROL S25-88, MASCHINE 2 software (included with MASCHINE STUDIO, and new purchases of MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO), KONTAKT 1-5, REAKTOR 2-5, GUITAR RIG KONTROL 1-5 (but not LE, GO, XE, SESSION or other versions of GUITAR RIG). You won't be able to install and activate this version unless you own one of the required products listed above!
  10. I absolutely love Absynth, despite not knowing it all that well. It's usually my first option when I'm looking for textures and soundscapes to sit underneath my tracks. If you have the money, Komplete 10 is worth it and that'll get you all of the other NI synths too (FM8, Massive, Reaktor).
  11. My recommendation for a first purchase would be Komplete, but I'll give you the positives of both. With Komplete, you get the four-headed synth monster (Massive, Reaktor, FM8, Absynth), Guitar Rig for morphing sounds (Audio or MIDI) and Kontakt, which is a game-changer. Owning a full version of Kontakt allows you to use a wide variety of free patches and instruments out there, and many sample library creators require a full version of Kontakt to use their created content. Omnisphere 2 itself is a staggering piece of software. I could talk for an extremely long time about all of the stuff I use it for and would recommend reading multiple reviews, because everyone uses it for different things. I mostly use it for vocal/choir patches and guitars which are two of the few things that Komplete is not fully up to speed on. Other than that, Omni is chock full of great presets and sound design capabilities unlike anything I've ever used. You could spend hours a day using it exclusively and after a year, you'll still be learning new things about it's capabilities.
  12. Every time someone uses the word atmosphere to describe my remix, take a drink. But seriously, great round and congrats Kat. Your remix was very creative and with just a little fine-tuning I think it would be worth sending to the judges. Nice submissions all around, and I'm glad to see my crazy idea for Round 50 paid off.
  13. Man... looking at this, I'm shocked that The Final Decisive Battle (AKA The Last Duel, which is what I prefer to call it) isn't taken. It's an iconic piece of music and I can't imagine a Lufia 2 album without it. I've got a pretty full plate already, but a chance to remix one of my favorite tracks of all time is too good to pass up. I talked to Swiggles (guitar player) and if you'd like, we can take this track.
  14. I'd be more than happy to help finish this project. I'm not a posted mixer but I have contributed work to the Materia Collective's FF8 album: If you'd like to have me on the project, two tracks that interest me are Secret of the Arid Sands and A Curious Happening.
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