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  1. A decision has been made for the composer. I have sent the offer and received the acceptance. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone that submitted an application. I knew OCRemix had a community of people that are very passionate for making music; I did not expect the turnout that I received. It was an extremely difficult decision. Every applicant has great music. I hope I will have a chance to work with many of you in the future.
  2. I am closing recruitment early. I was planning on leaving it open until February 5th or 6th, but there has been so much interest that I haven't been able to get to all of the current submissions. I haven't filled the position, but I'm hoping to finish looking through all of the applications tomorrow. I haven't forgotten about anyone that has sent links to prior work or posted that they were interested. I will be contacting you through PM if you haven't heard from me or I haven't gotten back to you from initial conversation. I also started looking for artists around the same time and received quite a bit of interest from that community as well. There is a lot of material to go through. Thank you again for your patience.
  3. While I have not owned a business (yet), I come from a business background. I believe that people should receive fair pay for work that they do for someone else. I appreciate the potential offer, but I would rather pay for work. I feel guilty about receiving customized free gifts. I will listen to your previous work and consider you a potential applicant like others that have shown interest. I'm still in the process of reviewing submitted work of musicians as well as artists. Please bare with me if you have submitted interest and I have not contacted you. Thank you.
  4. You can apply here or through PM. I would like examples of what you've done. This is mostly just so I can listen to your work and get a feel for skill level and range of style. The genre will be what fits the story or the current scene(s). So there should be the opportunity to have variation. I prefer no vocals, but they may fit in the song as long as there are little or no lyrics. I should've mentioned in my initial post that while I appreciate custom examples related to the post, please do not create new music just for me in your application of this position. Prior music that you have created, whether it was just for fun or part of a project, is sufficient.
  5. I was planning on making a decision around February 5th or 6th to allow people a chance to see the post in case they don't visit the forums often. I really appreciate the examples I've gotten so far through PMs. I'll check out what you have listed in your signature.
  6. I'm looking for a musician for a JRPG style game. I'm currently working on the engine, but I'm starting to look for others to help on the game. The idea is a 2D sprite RPG inspired by Final Fantasy games from the NES and (mostly) SNES era. I'm creating an engine that will have a game creator and not just a game. I originally wanted to support a user interface for easy modding of the game and it turned into more of being able to create a game than a modding tool. The feature I've come up with has to do with time. RPGs that involve time are either a small scope of a few days or they jump from time periods with actual time not really moving. The engine will have characters aging in pseudo real time. While time will not flow on a 1 second real world to 1 second game world, it will be steadily flowing. Standing around will result in time passage within the game. I'm planning on using a 1 second real world equals 1 minute game world while in towns/dungeons and a 1 second real world equals 1 hour game world while in the over world. These times may be tweaked once the engine is ready to have a demo game created. Events will also be triggered through time. The world can change from one year to the next. The changes won't be limited to seasonal changes, but could also be catastrophic events that alter one or several maps. You can download the in progress engine tech demo from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2xELTnl1CECZzFXaGI1Nl9QSWs/view. There's a README and a DOCX within the archive that talks about the engine, but not what the game I'm going to create is. The tech demo shows off the time mechanic of a character aging and graphics as well as stats changing for that character. Be sure to check out either the README or DOCX for controls so that you can toggle between time flowing at 1 minute to 1 hour. I'm planning on launching a Kickstarter project around June, but I'm paying for music for the introduction of the story. The introduction will be provided for free to help build interest in backing the project. This means that the musician I'm looking for will work on both introduction and full game. No work on the full game will be expected if the project is not funded. We will negotiate how much you need to work on the full game so that I can include the cost in the project. I currently have an author that is writing the introduction. His name is Gregory A. Wilson in case you want to see who he is and what he's been involved with. I created a rough draft for him that will provide most of the information for the environment. Greg will provide a re-write of the introduction by April 3rd at the latest. I will probably be looking for five songs for the introduction demo. The theme for the introduction area will be Arabian. Either post here or PM me if you have questions or are interested.
  7. Greetings. Hopefully I'm not too out of place. I'm a programmer and not a musician. I have some experience with music theory from when I was younger, but lost interest in creating music. I'm more interested in problem solving than creativity. I've played video games for nearly 30 years and I've enjoyed the soundtracks of them. I was pleased when a friend mentioned this site to me several years ago. It allowed me to hear songs I enjoyed, but with a new take on them. I'm looking to build contacts with people that are interested in creating music for video games. I'll post in the proper section with more details when I'm ready to hire. I've been very introverted most of my life, so please forgive me if I come off as a little awkward. I decided I needed to be more social and look for more friendships to be able to achieve what I want.
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