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  1. Hmmm but I think Bandcamp has a free download limit of 200 per month?
  2. Typed in how to get a license for a cover song on Google and I seem to get a lot of dodgy and unrelated websites for this kind of stuff. How does one even acquire a license if the original artist is from a place like Japan?
  3. I'm reading a lot of contradictory info about this topic on the web. It seems that one still needs to acquire a mechanical license even IF they do a cover song or remix and give it away for free download. Can anyone put some light on to this? Considering that most users at OCR casually do covers and remixes...Not to mention virtually everyone doing it on places like Youtube... :/
  4. Yeah I've definitely been trying to humanize my compositions more. But even so, if an instrument doesn't have round robins, its difficult to humanise it just by adjusting the velocities. I've heard theres a trick to making your own round robins using kontakt player by slightly detuning the samples, but I haven't got around to exploring that yet. But thanks for the advice regarding the mixing, I'll see if I can salvage the old project file...
  5. bwmusic


    Oh yeah I dropped Gundam 002 S2 after a dozen episodes. Compared to S1, this was very boring. Especially with that rather uninspiring side story with that princess or queen, or whatever. Fate/Stay Knight Unlimited Bladeworks S2 and Aldonoah Zero S2 are probably the only shows I'm looking forward to. Don't really have the time to binge watch anime anymore, I'm afraid! Edit: just realised that the last post was from years ago, and posts on the first page are recent. This is awkward...
  6. This is a remix of the FFVII Crisis Core song "The Price of Freedom" I made waayyyy back in 2011. Yeah, it was kinda lost in my backup harddrives and it took me a while to find it again. Free download link is given in the description. I kept the basic chord progression the same but changed around the melody here and there. I guess it kinda has an ethnic feel to it with the plucked instruments and strings. I guess my mixing kinda sucked back then. Listening to it now, it sounds a bit overcompressed, probably a bit too sharp in the high end and muddy in the low end.. But anyway, Let me know your thoughts and I hope ya'll enjoy it as it was an awesome song and was great fun to remix it!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I mainly used Spitfire Albion and some custom synths I programmed on this album. And thanks for the references. Sounds like they used a mixture of Cinebrass, Damage, Aeon, LASS, VSL, Requiem Pro, CS2 and possibly Spitfire Sable (in no particular order). Standard gear they use in the industry. Yeah... some pretty expensive software, or maybe I'm just not good enough... But I tried my best with the minimal resources I had.
  8. This album was essentially released to validate if I have any talent or originality as a composer. But as you so pointed out, nothing really stood out. Atleast you're honest about it even though you're not into this epic cinematic stuff. Hence thanks a lot for your feedback.
  9. I spent close to 100 hours making these 5 songs for my original album (link below). I still feel like I could have done more but its released now... I don't know if it was a complete waste of time or not, but considering the number of hours I spent on it, I thought I might aswell share it online. So Like, dislike, comment, criticize; would appreciate any feedback. The album is free download or pay as you want anyway (link given in the YouTube description).