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  1. I'd rather you all went back to the subject of DJP's video upload as opposed to back-and-forthing about terminology. And on the subject, That video really does an excellent job of identifying one of the biggest problems with video gaming, that might be scene as sexist behavior-forming, and that's lazy storytelling.
  2. I'd also agree that parrying is much more accessible in this iteration. Parrying in Third Strike always seemed like (and usually was) a high-level technique that I'd never have the skill to use effectively. That's a totally different story in SFV, though I haven't figured out how to use it as an offensive tool other than trying to mixup an opponent after they get knocked down. I appreciate the balancing as well, since you can't use it without a bar of meter, so it can't be spammed indiscriminately.
  3. So after spending some time with the game over the past few days, I think I'm enjoying it a lot more. I can't speak to the PS4 experience since I'm on PC, but other than the controller issue and fullscreen not outputing properly to 60hz on my TV screen (48" 4k Samsung LED whoo!) which I eventually found a workaround for, the game is performing very well, and all my matches online have been super stable for the most part. For reference, I'm on a wireless connection to my router on the opposite corner of the floor beneath me, with several wireless devices connected to my system. On the subject of online matches, I'm really happy at how well crossplay works between PC and PS4. If it weren't for the little icon next to a player's name, I'd never have known the difference. Bravo Capcom for that feature, and bravo for unifying the PC and console communities with that one. In regards to my actual matches, I've been using Karin as my main, and she has a lot of tools to really get in there with some mixups, and I really like "tactical" feel with the game. Ono originally wanted SFIV to be more about strategy and less about execution, but I feel like he delivered more with SFV. The bringing back of the stun gauge really does give you a lot more info in regards to whether you should push the attack or hold back a bit. I really like how all the characters seem to be a lot stronger and can do a lot of damage easily, but matches can easily go either way even if your health is down to half without feeling cheap. I feel rewarded when I'm able to either read or bait opponents into making mistakes, and it feels awesome. I haven't had too much time to get into it, but I'm excited to see how the game evolves with new characters being released at regular intervals (gimme my Ibuki/Juri!!). I forgot what my CFN ID was, but my Steam ID is Malakhim3(which I think is my CFN), so if I'm online, don't be a stranger.
  4. While it's slightly annoying because of the Start button issue I mentioned in my original post, I can confirm that my Madcatz Xbox 360 Soul Calibur V stick works just fine on PC, though with some changes to in-game button configs.
  5. If you all remember, time was that you'd get a finished game with all kinds of bonus content stuffed in there in so many unexpected ways. Time also was that game development wasn't nearly as expensive as it is now and didn't sometimes require an army of developers to make. Games also haven't increased in price to compensate for the current financial landscape, which means that developers/publishers are going to try to find as many ways as they can to recoup their investment/cut costs. This naturally takes the form of DLC cash shops or large swaths of content cut to meet release schedules. Cases like Street Fighter V will eventually be the norm. Hell Final Fantasy VII Remake is in exactly the same position regardless of what apologists will tell you. Right now, I think I agree with Brandon and Neblix. It's about what the audience expects versus what's delivered. In the case of Street Fighter V, the target audience doesn't give a flip about the usual single-player modes outside of training, so is it quality to them? Potentially yes. That being said, I can certainly understand the perspective of those that feel it harms the perception of the series, and to an extent, I agree that it does. The perception of Street Fighter V outside of missing modes is that it was a barebones rushed out mess of bugs.
  6. I haven't really had too much time to delve into it because life reasons, but I think I enjoy it from what I've played? Not entirely sure yet. While it doesn't bug me as much, since if I'm not playing online, I'm in training mode, the game DOES feel pretty barebones and unfinished. The rumor floating around is that they wanted to get it out with enough time before EVO. I'm assuming some marketing guy high enough that Ono couldn't say no to him said "Let's get this out for EVO for MASS publicity/sales!", which isn't a bad assumption to make, but that's too insider baseball to get into, Mechanically, I'm not crazy interested, although I appreciate Zircon and some other folks' perspectives on how it relies less on pulling off long combo strings a la SFIV, and more good timing and meaty 3- or 4-hit technique a la SFIII. It feels weird moving to that when I've been pulling off 9+ hitters for years in SFIV, to be doing the same type of damage with Karin woth a crouching med kick into QCB strong kick. I almost feel like it's too easy? I dunno yet. I do appreciate V-skills, triggers, and reversals, though again, I haven't really had a whole lot of time to really delve into it. Maybe over the weekend I can give better impressions. Stability-wise though, the PC version is a mess. There are sections of the game that can chug at times, specifically background animations in stages like Kanzuki Estate. They might just be locked down to 30FPS for whatever reason, but it's slightly jarring to see. Additionally, and probably most annoying to me is that while I can use and customize the main attack buttons on my SCIV Fightstick, why the bloody hell do I have to press Enter on the KEYBOARD to enter the start menu mid-training/fight session? This is especially annoying since I can otherwise access every command using the stick, even exiting the menu! That seems like a strange issue to have. This of course is just my experience. Apparently, many folks using other sticks can't even get theirs working on the PC. Oh, and remember when I said if I weren't online, I'd be in training mode? Well it seems like I've been stuck in the latter, given the incredible instability of the network. I could be waiting for 30 minutes with fight request on in training and nothing. Obviously, this is an early superficial impression, but so far, there's enough left to be desired that I'd rather be playing something else.I might get really into it around late March when (ostensibly!) most of the major bugs are fixed, or I might wait until Ibuki and Juri come down the DLC pipe. Cross play is nice, though! If I happen to be online, my Network ID is Malakhim3.
  7. The biggest problem with Rey is that, at least initially with Episode VII, she's essentially Luke Skywalker and Han Solo all in one, what with her being a pretty strong force-sensitive on top of essentially owning the Millenium Falcon. I don't feel like I'm able to articulate this point very well, but there has to be SOME kind of limit to characters or else those adolescent power fantasy accusations start rolling in. And it was just as bad with Anakin not only being the chosen one, but also having built 3PO and several other attributes.
  8. Yep, now we just need that FFX/X-2 release schedule and some kind of announcement for FFXII. It's actually pretty surprising that we haven't heard anything about a PC release of Final Fantasy Tactics, given that there's already a mobile version of War of The Lions out there.
  9. One thing I've never really understood, especially after re-watching the entire saga before watching The Force Awakens, is the general apathy towards the prequels, and, even more perplexing because I thought it was part of the sacred cow original trilogy, Return of The Jedi. I'm sure there has to be some actual reasons other than Jar Jar Binks and ewoks, but I can't really see 'em. I've heard people railing on the acting (in the case of the prequels), which seems legitimate, but then, I was more interested in the overarching story than anything else I guess. I mean, I greatly enjoyed The Force Awakens despite my problems, but the prequels had a lot more balls than Episode VII by far. In the case of RoTJ, it seems like everyone just saw the "It's A Trap" episode of Family Guy and decided it was cool to hate on it or something. I don't remember ever seeing that much apathy towards it.
  10. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. As if the Skywalkers were the only force sensitives in the entire bleeding galaxy.
  11. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. They tried to stuff WAY too much towards the end of the movie that were callbacks to entries in the previous trilogy. So much in fact that it was hard to focus on what was going on towards the end. I'd also disagree with the idea that Finn is "Jar Jar Lite". Aside from his awkwardly "urban" dialogue, it makes sense why he's so finicky. He's been born and bred to be nothing more than a weapon of the First Order, and hasn't really experienced anything that wasn't seen from the inside of his stormtrooper helmet. Hell, he never had an actual name 'til Poe gave him one. I really liked Finn a lot and absolutely hated that he wasn't the actual force sensitive in the movie. That would have made for a better "redemption" story in my opinion. I personally wasn't too huge on Poe myself, although I definitely did enjoy the play between him and Finn. Honestly, I think the chemistry between the three purported main characters of this trilogy was pretty good. And I understand why they felt the need to retread old ground. They couldn't just start from a movie that released nearly 4 decades ago as if no time had passed after all, but again, it just didn't feel deliberate enough. We can say what we want about the prequel trilogy, but they felt a lot more focused and willing to be different than this one.
  12. You're absolutely right. It SHOULD be exciting, but it's absolutely disappointing.
  13. Because the director had to remind movie goers that this was Star Wars apparently. I also felt those scenes were pretty forced. In fact, the entire "we've gotta find Luke" plot made the film a lot weaker in my opinion. The whole movie seemed pretty deserving of that purported subtitle for Spaceballs 2. Either that or The Damned's " stupid mcguffin building thing". Episode VIII better be amazing.
  14. But Kylo Ren is a Sith, and built up as a ridiculously powerful one at that(though caveat again, still in training apparently). It would have been fine if she were toe to toe with him, but he was clearly outmatched throughout a large portion of that fight, and that isn't consistent.
  15. I have to agree. Jedi already did that, and once is enough. I feel like Episode VII was fun, but it was too careful in a lot of respects, and I didn't like how they took Han's children from the Extended Universe and watered them down (to only one so far) for mass market consumption. Also, why the entire fuck is Kylo Ren, who yes is apparently still in training, but should still be competent with a blade, absolutely useless against a girl who thought the Jedi were a bunch of myths? What happened to the republic that was supposed to have been propped up after Jedi, and why are we back to the "Rebellionistance"? Why couldn't Finn have been the actual force sensitive? I can't wait to see that Rey is Kylo's sister/cousin and have it all go back to the fucking Skywalkers. That kind of makes Episode VII seem like some weird "what if" fanfiction where the son actually went to the dark side instead. I felt like the move overall was too pandering and not deliberate enough, and I found myself having a hard time caring towards the end. Granted, it's still a fun movie to watch and kudos to the production team, but I think now I know how Star Trek fans feel about the new vision for that series. In short, Disney turned Star Wars into Call of Duty.
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