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  1. Nice track on the Sound of the Sonic Stadium '15! :)

  2. Hey man, I sent you a PM and an email about four weeks ago regarding the songs between Josh Taipale and I. We just wanted to make sure you saw it; hope all is well.
  3. Taipale is bae, he's gonna kill it, believe me. He's also playin' on my Lost World medley, soo... That's a thing. :3
  4. Hey folks, Charles Ritz here, the new guy doing the Lost World medey, along with Live Life. Just wanted to say, I hope to provide something truly great for this album, and I wanna take this time to confirm the inclusion of the following tracks in the medley: Wonder World Windy Hill Sea Bottom Segue I have a lot of arrangement ideas swirling around, and I hope to make this one of my most diverse works to date. I look forward to hearing what everyone else brings to the table; this is sure to be a great album!
  5. Hey Stepan, this is Charles Ritz, who emailed you the other day. Sorry I'm just getting back to you now; I had a production of Legally Blonde that I had to do, so by the time I got home, I just got right to sleep. I'll be here today though, if you wanna talk. Like I said, I have a few ideas for some of the unclaimed games. Thanks again in advance!